You're going back in time, to experience some great new music... from 2014... This time it'

In 2014. Adelaide singer-songwriter Emma Rowe released her self-titled EP, a five track creation of wonder recorded in South Australia's own Fat Trax Studio. The EP really demonstrates her bubbly personality and diverse vocal talent, all in one catchy little package.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Best Believing’, it starts off slowly with gentle acoustic guitar and vocals, and picks up gradually through the first verse. Emma makes statements, with both vibrato-filled vocals and punchy, percussive guitar hits. The chorus comes in with intensity, and flows into a catchy beat that makes you want to dance along. This song demonstrates the incredible control she has over her voice.

I Want You’ begins with a relaxed, upbeat guitar progressions, and cheerful vocals. In this track, Emma demonstrates her skill with Opera-like vocal melodies, and spans from very low notes to very high ones in an instant. The bridge has a more morose vibe, and drops down to very quiet vocals, which build back up to strong, well-controlled ones, with an epic finish to the song.

Track number three is titled ‘Earthflight’, and hits with intensity right from the get go. The song is incredibly catchy, and will have you singing along. This is my personal favorite

song from the EP, and Emma carries strong emotions in her voice on this one particularly, I believe it really has the power to capture the attention of listeners. By using only an acoustic guitar and her own voice, Emma makes this song sound huge for what’s used.

Dragon’ is a slower, more sombre track. With lyrics reminiscent of medieval times, and gentle weeping guitar riffs, the song bleeds emotion. A sad song about love, it really connects with listeners on a deep emotion level, and could possibly even bring a tear to your eye. Emma uses her voice to convey strong emotions of sadness and despair, and desperation.

The final track on the EP is ‘Candidate’, it brings everything back up to speed. It begins with a punchy, groovy progression, and strong vocals. This addictive song will have you singing along to the ‘nananana’s, and feeling the strength in her vocals. This song is a fun one, and really picks you up after the emotional ride of the previous song. It drops in the bridge, and just as you think the song is ending, it picks up again with a fiery intensity, which carries through all of the way to the end of the song.

Overall, the EP is totally emotional and vibrant, and that’s a good thing. This release is an addictive work of art that Emma Rowe should be very proud of. It leaves me anticipating what she will do next, and still yearning for an album after all this time by this very talented woman!


Review by Ellie Moffatt

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