Chilling before the tidal waves of touring with Ocean Grove's Dale Tanner

The Australian Undergrounds one and only Jon Burgundy managed to catch Dale Tanner for a quick chat recently, for those of you who don't know, he is the insanely cool and multi-talented clean vocalist and bass guitar player from the Melbourne metal / hardcore band Ocean Grove. They’ve been absolutely killing it these past couple of years with things really taking off since the release of their debut album ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ which came out last year and quickly rose to the top of the charts in Australia, and all around the world. Since then they’ve journeyed the world over, touring and having now played shows in countries within Europe, as well as the United States. Now they’re back on home soil and having some much needed down time before embarking on their Japanese tour at the end of this month, for now enjoying the finer things in life like catching up with old friends and their families while writing new music along the way, and preparing some new music videos to match it of course. All of us here at the Australian Underground can’t wait to see what they dish out next and ‘til they’re ready to rock us once again with a big fresh hit of new bangers in the form of a new album!

J: It’s great to be chatting to you Dale, your band Ocean Grove has been absolutely killing it lately, I have been following you almost religiously on social media sites such as Instagram etc. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty though. First things first, I wanted to ask you about the music videos your band has released, the ones by Thomas Elliot, are you actually the character of the intimate alien in those clips, you look quite similar, are you an alien?

Haha, that’s not me actually, that’s our studio member Donny that plays that character.

J: Are you thinking of producing any new music videos for songs off of The Rhapsody Tapes?

I’m not sure if we’ll do any more clips from that album, we did want to but we might just wait until we release some new music now. We definitely will be for future songs. Thomas has been travelling for a while now, but he’s just got back into music videos again and done one for Endless Hearts and The Beverly Chills!

J: Oh nice, I saw The Beverly Chills video recently and it was bloody wicked, pun not intended (there’s a super gory scene and they absolutely nailed it, it’s very cool. (You can check it out here: The Beverley Chills – No Friends Man there’s lots of hungry Ocean Grove fans out there waiting to hear some new material, when are we finally gonna be able to hear some new tracks?

I really can’t give a specific date, but a ballpark figure would be, well, we’ll be coming out with a long lead single fairly soon, it will be this year. That’ll sort of be the introduction to it all, similar to what ‘Lights On Kind of Lover’ did for The Rhapsody Tapes... So something new should be out sometime next year…

J: Thanks for the chat man, enjoy your down time back home and jamming on your awesome basses and enjoying life, it’s been a real pleasure!

Follow the lads and keep up with the mystery via their Instagram or FaceBook to track the bands movements, it might be mellow for them for now, but I think we have a lot of great things to look forward to in the near future from this group.


Interview By Jon Burgundy

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