Terminal Zero Ruled the World 20 years ago & still to this day...

Adelaide rockers Terminal Zero released their EP ‘Rule the World’ in 1998, way back when they were still young lads. I managed to come across this gem of a find in a local Op Shop, so I thought I’d give it a spin in my super retro CD player, and throw myself back in the musical time machine again, this time travelling using only my ears to twenty years ago…

The EP kicks off with ‘Mr. Motorway’, a catchy track that pulls you in from the first riff. The track is riddled with smooth guitar melodies, and captivating backing vocals. The guitar hits heavy before the chorus, and Pete’s distinctive and familiar vocals reels you in and will have you rocking along. The drums are intense and had me air-drumming along to the beat. The track drops away before the bridge, then picks back up with its many catchy guitar riffs. This track is definitely one that gets stuck in your head, and you find yourself singing along by the end of the song.

The title track ‘Rule the World’ starts with gentle guitar riffs, then the drums kick in and start to really pick up the pace. This song represents a youthful attitude, and exudes confidence. The lyrics “I will rule the world today, I will rule it my way!” really represent the guys younger selves, ready to kick ass and show the world what they’ve got, whether the world is ready or not. The song ends on a heavy note, and will leave you head banging and wishing for more.

‘Better Off To Lie’ is a slower, more ambient track with smooth, clean electric guitar melodies from the get go. It’s reminiscent of the era when it was released, and the track is an absolute banger. Filled with angsty lyrics, the track flows smoothly, and lures in the listener. Pete displays his vocal talents well in this song, from gentle low notes, to graceful high ones, to singing with ferocity as the chorus kicks in. The track is filled with emotion, and it hits the listener hard.

Track number four is the song ‘Soul Cry’, and it starts off with a hard hitting drum beat, followed by addictive, rocky guitar riffs. The track is filled with soulful bass undertones, and once again, the track is reminiscent of its era, with an almost Nirvana-like vibe. Strong, aggressive vocals lead the way in this track, and are delivered with a fiery passion. This is yet another track that will definitely have you swaying and singing along by the end. The satisfyingly catchy guitar riffs will have you turning the volume up to eleven, for sure.

Bringing the EP to a close is ‘Placebo’, a track that starts off gentle, but then kicks in with the same ferocity as the rest of the tracks. The track has entrancing instrumentals and lacks vocals. It fits its title well, because you get so drawn in by the rocky guitars and intense drumming, that you forget that the vocals are not present. It ties up the EP nicely, finishing with a final, solid, drum hit that says “The shows over guys, go home!”.

Overall, ‘Rule The World’ is a work of art. It leaves the listener feeling nostalgic for its time, and wishing for more. It definitely display the immense talent of the group, and if you listen to any of their newer music, for example their hot new single ‘Famous’, (for which I’ll have you know I’m guest starring in by the way hehe) you can tell that these guys have and still are only getting better with age, much like a fine wine.

Check out Terminal Zero’s new music video for ‘Famous’ here:

Review by Ellie Moffatt

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