Is Three Really A Crowd?

Sukka Punch’s ‘Three’s a Crowd’ was released just yesteryear, in 2017 by the local Adelaide -South Australian four piece punk rock outfit.

The band members are: Levi Kleemann on vocals, Lennie Pegg on guitar and back-up vocals, Cain Kelly on guitar and back-up vocals also, Sam Barnes on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Adrian Pegg tapping away on drums. This CD was given to me after performing alongside The Rowdy Neighbours, who were strangely posing as Sukka Punch randomly for the night, and performed strictly a set of their music rather than their own. This happened while I was playing in one of the bands I currently gig with to this day – NeverLight (Links: /

This crazy shenanigan happened during the middle of July on a cold Thursday night at the iconic city venue known as the Crown and Anchor Hotel, the CD was given to me by Will, the drummer of the Rowdy Neighbours. Shout out to him for that, I would have never known he was just posing to be Adrian on the night either, as it was my first time seeing either band, what a cool gig concept!

Released under “BS Records” (which may or may not be a real recording studio or just total made up b.s*), it was recorded and mixed (somewhere) in the Adelaide hills however, not the first track “Hero” which was recorded in Mt. Torrens. This release is a three track demo, and features the songs “Hero”, “Way of Life” and “Hold it Down”.

The CD case has some pretty cool artwork, which features the band logo boldly spread across the naked chest of a young man on the front cover and the discs title “Threes a Crowd” written in red across the bottom. The back of the jewel case features a knocked out punk passed out on what appears to be a rather soft floor space, consisting of foam yoga mats, at some outdoors music festival for sure. Safety first kids, if you’re gonna mosh, mosh on a soft floor space!

As for the music itself: The first song comes in hard and fast titled “Hero”.

My favourite line in this song by far is “fat fucking c*nt” followed by “really really wanna kick you in the teeth”. It’s a great opening song, and gives the vibe that these lads are certainly not to be fucked with. The second track titled “Way of Life” has some sick lead guitar to kick it off followed by really funky bass riffage to get into the swing of things. The song then proceeds to lead in to be a really hooky banger with some real catchy moments and cool lyrics, I really dig the chorus and gang vocals on this track especially. My favourite line is “don’t confess your sins” and “open up your mind and follow what’s inside your heart”. Lucky last track on this short release is titled “Hold It Down”, the vocals on this track were recorded in the home town of our states own Big Rocking Horse. I’m referring, of course, to Gumeracha, South Australia. It has a voiceover ‘Dad introduction’ before getting into the groove of it all.

Overall, the song leaves a good final example of what the band seem to represent, and that is that this band is a good straight out raw, in-your-face, old-school, punk rock band. It is what it is. A bit on the thrashy side of punch (punk) rock for sure.

This CD is best served with mates and enjoyed with a nice cold beer, so be sure you enjoy it the right way!



CD Review by Jonathan Matthews

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