It's All Gravy, Baby.

Fishtail Parker - Don’t Forget the Gravy EP Review

It’s what could be just another lazy Sunday afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary, I crack open a can, and decide to whack on a random CD… A local Adelaide band this time, for something completely different! Who will it be this time I wonder? *cue epic suspense music*. Eenie meanie miney moe. I pick… Fishtail Parkers ‘Don’t Forget The Gravy’ EP which was produced and engineered in 2012 and recorded at “Happy Pappy’s” studio.

Track one is titled ‘My Pond’, and it’s a song with a cool lyrical concept which I really like. There’s so many possibilities as to what it could mean. For example; Is he singing about being an amphibian and living in a spot which is suffering due to global warming? Or is it due to man-made issues such as pollution? Who knows? I certainly don’t, but I dig this track and it’s a great opening song.

Coming in second is ‘Don’t Take Much’, and on this one it sounds like there may be a changeover of the vocalist performing, and it is a bit more of a ballad-esque track which goes down well.

Song number three is called ‘Burn it Down’. This is a nice track with a kind of old school rock vibe, it’s very mellow, but upbeat at the same time. There’s a pretty groovy lead break which leads in to an acoustic guitar melody, rather surprisingly. Then right back into the chorus for another round. Not bad at all. Catchy and generic, very nice indeed.

Hover’ is the fourth track, and will have you floating with enjoyment in eternal sound space. It has a very old punk / pub rock-esque vibe accompanied with pleasant backing vocal melodies which makes this one easy to remember. The overall vibe of this song is what gives it its soul though, with rather bland chords it doesn’t sound like it was intended to be the most complex masterpiece they’ve probably ever attempted to write but there is some damn funky bass slaps happening amongst the mix which really give the song that extra edge. There is a nice ambient break section too which goes down well, then the song kicks back in again full bore. I really enjoy this song, it’s cool, catchy and relevant!

The fifth and final number on the disc is named ‘Falling’ and has some damn cool lyrics. My favourite line on this song and possibly my favourite lyrics on the entire EP is “life would be much better if I had you”, however the chords are all too familiar to an old school rock hit which just about everybody would know and pick up on… Even the lead break which evolves from this is very much reminiscent of whatever that song name is... It has very good vocal hooks.

All of the songs on this EP are written by Brett Howe and Rick Castle. Kudos to the band for their brief message at the bottom of the internal CD case insert which reads “to pubs and clubs that support live music, we need you, the world needs you, future generations need to hear and play live music.” I definitely agree with this statement, and hope that live music may live on!

It has some bloody good quality artwork in all honesty too, it’s kind of quirky and intriguing, and I mean who doesn’t like gravy anyway? I for one never forget it and will disregard a meal without it!

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Review by Jonathan Matthews

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