It's big, it's bold, it's... hairy?

Big Seventies Bush have a new three track EP, which features the tracks “Get Go”, “Lick Carpet” and “Leisure Hunter”. Released under ‘Big Bush Records’ and recorded at 333 Tribe Studio in South Australia.

They describe their sound as ‘retro groove grindhouse funk’ or ‘funk psychedelia’, with lounge reggae overtones, or sometimes - “cocktails at 5 with a disco twist”. Either way, it’s music to dance to standing up and/or lying down. Alternatively, they have kept it simple and gone with ‘the ultimate pleasure cruise for the ultimate leisure hunters!’. These guys clearly have a pretty good sense of humor and all the word bombs really makes them seem interesting and witty, plus the album artwork is high quality and it seems they’ve really gone the extra mile.

The band consists of more than just one zany named fellow, such as the rhythm guitarist Kapetan, lead guitarist SHANAN THE CANNON, Jimmy Van Jamarillo on Keyboards, AZIZ DA WIZ on bass, as well as Dillons Johnson on Drums and back up percussionist The Killer Philler.

The first track titled “Get Go” runs at just over three minutes and is a perfect introduction to Big Seventies Bush intimate and unique sound. The track kicks off with a real funky groove which is followed by an orgasmic piano introduction, followed by some super funky bass that just sounds oh so sexual, the bass guitarists tone is absolutely amazing.

The second song on the EP is called “Lick Carpet” and will have you licking right around the rim, of your mind, with great pleasure, probably, depending on if you had enough acid last night. The Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar licks and hammer-ons are rockin’. It’s definitely another sensual and sexy song that will have you feeling funky.

Banger number three is called “Leisure Hunter”, and sends off the EP in a familiar fashion to the other tracks, with a bit more of a scratchy guitar sound in the mix this time. There’s nothing new incorporated on this one whatsoever, but hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Still, I wish there were some vocals, without them it leaves this band sounding a bit too much like a Gran Turismo or racing game soundtrack, or a porno introduction theme song.

It’s a shame there isn’t any more songs on the CD, as it is all too short lived and feels like it maybe needs something extra to keep the listener intrigued.

The EP was produced by Shanan Gregory at 333 Tribe Studios in conjunction with Big Bush Records in South Australia. The artwork was done by Kapetan BSB and the CD was released in 2017. I look forward to hearing their next release, and hope they incorporate a singer or two on at least some tracks! Big Seventies Bush EP can be heard on Reverbnation, SoundCloud and YouTube!


Review by Jonathan Matthews

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