There was certainly no suffering to enjoy this metal-fest!



If you weren’t at the Adelaide Uni bar on Saturday night you missed one hell of a gig.

Melbourne lads THORNHILL opened the night, and I was stoked to see so many punters turn up nice and early to see them. These guys are kicking some major goals at the moment on the back of their EP titled Butterfly. Not only supporting the massive Make Them Suffer but also scoring support for Polaris on their Spring tour, as well as a spot on the line up at Unify in 2019.

Having never had the chance to see them play live before, I was pretty keen and had very high expectations. I was not disappointed! Opening with Sunflower, it didn’t take long for the crowd to appreciate just how good these lads are. Jacob Charlton’s vocals along with Ben Maida on drums, Ethan McCann and Matt Van Duppen on guitars and Nick Sjogren on bass meld together as one seamlessly. Continuing with songs like My Design, Lavender, Joy and finishing with Limbo, Thornhill certainly set a high bar for the bands playing after them.

Next up were Oceans Ate Alaska. These guys are a progressive metal core band, hailing from the UK. This was their first time in Australia, but judging from the crowd participation in the pit, they have a solid following here already, and indicated that they are keen to return. Not being familiar with them until this tour was announced, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a high energy set with full crowd participation! Playing songs like Benzaiten, Hansha and Escapist, vocalist Jake Noakes kept the crowd participation flowing for their set encouraging the crowd to sing along, which they did with gusto.

Wow! When you’re there to review a gig and you become so mesmerised by the band you forget to take notes, you know you’re onto a winner. From the moment Silent Planet took the stage, I was lost. Vocalist Garrett Russell took you on a journey with his voice, passion and lyrics, combining that with Thomas Freckleton's clean vocals, what took place on the stage had to be witnessed. It’s not often a band completely bewitches me to the point that I forget everything else. Hailing from America, Silent Planet’s lyrics are thought provoking, the delivery of them are exquisite and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only person in the room who walked out blown away. Bewitching us with songs like Depth II, Native Blood, Panic Room and Psychescape, the crowd just couldn’t seem to get enough. This is one band you need to see live!!

• For those interested in delving more into the bands lyrics there are footnotes on their you tube videos

I have been waiting quite some time to see Make them Suffer live, and insane is probably the most apt word I can use to describe the experience. Opening with their latest single 27, Perth band Make Them Suffer hit the stage running and never slowed the pace. Giving us songs like Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria), Widower, The First Movement, Let me in, Grinding teeth, Weeping wastelands, Ether and Uncharted, the band gave fans a mix from their discography. Sean Harmanis as a front man is a delight to watch, with his growling vocals and charisma to draw in the crowd. Add to the mix Booka Niles (keyboard) alluring voice and you have a magical combination. Jaya Jeffery (bass), Jordan Mather (drums) and Nick McLernon (guitar/backing vocals) round off this five piece band brilliantly. With a packed venue the vibe in the room was high and Harmanis made sure it stayed this way. With heads and bodies full of movement, arms held high and voices loud the crowd participation was in full swing and I’m pretty sure nobody went away disappointed.

All in all, the night was a smorgasbord of damn good music and I would have to say one of the best gigs I have been too!

Review by Suze Blacketer

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