Can you fix a broken worm?

In July of this year, Adelaide rockers (and legends) Lead Worm released their single Fix Me. This single is a teaser from their upcoming second album (which is rumoured to be a double disc feature), and is also accompanied by a lyric video (link below). Both works are created by Black Sheep Studios, located somewhere in Adelaide, South Australia. The track sticks to the bands usual signature style, but has an original twist on this track with the addition of rap vocalisations by bass player Jona Sheeple. This song hints at some new and exciting developments for the band and what direction they are taking with their original music. It’s interesting and will certainly not leave you feeling disappointed…

The track kicks off with a fat, addictive riff that will get your head banging from the get go. Layered underneath this riff are a bunch of glitch-like synth sounds, which have been masterfully panned, making for a really awesome listening experience, especially through headphones. Jona Sheeple jumps in with his rap style vocals, and attacks the sound spectrum with thought provoking lyrics such as “I live my life in a free way, speeding on a highway, floating in a constant state of decay” and “where heads used to look above for hope now eyes are glued to screens strung out on dope”. This is followed by an epic chorus, featuring the normal grungy vocals fans would expect, performed as usual by lead singer Michael Van De Merwe. This is followed by yet another addictive riff that pulls the listener in even more, preparing you for the next verse. Gentle clean guitar plays in the background behind Jona’s vocals this time, and then you’re thrown into yet another chorus, featuring the lyrics “No way, No way to fix me, I’m Broken” which seems to feature both of the vocalists resonating the message. The song has been masterfully produced by Black Sheep Studios, in conjunction with Trademarc Multimedia, and leaves you wanting more. This track certainly has a lot of depth to it, incorporating guitar, drums, rap, screamed vocals, clean vocals, and bunch of groovy bassy synth sounds in the mix.

The track sits at just over four minutes long, and if it’s any indicator of what is to come in their upcoming second album, I think we’re in for a real treat. After having a few months off from gigging to write some new music, Lead Worm will be back with a fiery passion by the end of the year (2018) with some new music, a brand new live show that incorporates some awesome LED lighting effects, and also features a new drummer which is really going to take things to the next level! Follow Lead Worm on social media or via their website to keep up to date with everything squiggly, and check out ‘Fix Me’ on YouTube!

Lead Worm have been nominated for a SAM Award, in the category of Most Popular Rock Artist! You can vote for them here:





Fix Me:

Review by Ellie Moffatt

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