Our very own more masculine, Australian version of Ron Burgundy, the one and only Jon Burgundy had a chat with English Pop Rock group The Charlatans very own vocalist Tim Burgess ahead of their Australian tour, for which they will be stopping by every state in our lovely land of oz. Including Adelaide, South Australia. TONIGHT! The Charlatans have an epic back catalogue of works including smash hits such as “Blackened Blue Eyes” and many, many more! They will be playing alongside PLANET from Sydney who are an amazing pop / rock band currently touring all over our lovely country with The Charlatans!

They are performing tonight at the Gov in Adelaide! That’s right tonight Tuesday! 28 August 2018 so don’t miss it! Get your tickets while you still can (if you still can!)

You’re playing in all of the major cities when you come over here, so you’ll be pretty flat out, are you going to be checking out anything else in Australia or having any down time?

I’m really not sure at this stage. I tend to have a fair bit of down time anyway, all we really do is play the shows in the evenings and do the occasional interview during the day, the rest really is downtime. I like exploring the cities, walking around and trying the food. I like spending time on the beach too, it’s always a very pleasurable experience, and a good place to do some writing. I enjoy working while I’m away more than anything to be honest…

Fans can’t wait to see you here in my home town of Adelaide where you will be performing at The Gov which is an iconic local venue that has been going strong for decades now. Have you played at that particular venue yourself before?

I’m not sure, we’ve played in Adelaide before but I can’t remember the name of the venue. The bands been going since 1989, and the first time we went to Australia was in 2008. There was quite a long gap of always wanting to visit, then it happened and we went to all the major cities, and then we came back again in 2015. This will be our third time over there.

What was it that stopped you guys from coming to Australia sooner?

I think it was to do with our record label at the time, we never really had much distribution in Australia in our early days. We pushed for it a lot and were super stoked when it finally happened. We’d do interviews there and people would always ask us when we’re coming over, it was always hard to answer because we had no idea…

You have written heaps of songs over the years, do you have an absolute favourite that you have composed?

That’s a hard one. I’m really into ‘Different Days’, the title track of our last full length album. It’s kind of funny, we did that album and we worked with a lot of people outside of the band. There were a lot of artists featured on different songs. I’m friends with Stephen Morris, the drummer of Joy Division, that’s how it started off. He played on nine songs on that album, he’s also married to Gillian Gilbert from New Order, so we brought her in as well. We involved other artists like Johnny Martin, Ian Rankin. I have a special friend, she’s a writer, comedian and actor. I wanted to get her onto a track somehow. I had no idea if she could sing, but I thought I’d ask her anyway, and she said that she’d love to. So the title track ‘Different Days’ features Sharon Horgan and Stephen Morris. That makes the song special to me, those are both very good friends of mine and big inspirations to me.

Don’t miss The Charlatans on their all over Australian tour, stopping by all major cities along their never-ending musical journey through life.

Interview By Jon Burgundy

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