Broken Waves get way Too Loud...

Originally a solo project, Adelaide Indie-rock band Broken Waves became fully formed over the course of 2017, developing a unique sound and expanding their catalogue of songs. After almost a year of writing and working on a large amount of original material, the band is finally ready share some of the many songs they have ready with the world, starting with their debut single 'Too Loud'.

The track starts off with playful surf rock guitar riff (Will Physentzou), layered over grungier rhythm guitar (Declan Oetjen). The vocals (Ben Lyons-Reid) kick in with some relatable lyrics such as “Sitting in the corner with my head in my hands, I’ll put my drink down, try to cope as best as I can” and “I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t belong here”. Ben has a strong and captivating voice, that’s absolutely perfect for their style of indie rock music. The song glides seamlessly into the chorus, with yet another addictive and relaxed guitar riff, then the drums (Chris Giannakis) pick up the pace before dropping the listeners into another verse. The song has been mixed really well, and has a very bright and clean sound, with some ambient and uplifting backing vocals. This is definitely a track that will get you dancing, and I can certainly say that I listened to this one on repeat for a solid day or two. As the track comes to a close, a groovy guitar solo makes a final statement, and leaves you wanting more of this original and addictive music.

Broken Waves are planning on recording another single by the end of this year called 'After Midnight', so keep your eyes peeled for that! You can follow Broken Waves on social media by clicking on the links below, and you can listen to ‘Too Loud'’, as well as their other single ‘3 Days’ on Spotify.

Review by Ellie Moffatt



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