Jacie; From the stars!

Jacie are a groovy, soulful, up and coming South Australian band, lead by the wonderfully talented Jamie Chilvers. Their debut EP From Here, recorded at Wizard Tone Studios and mixed and mastered by James Brown, features four original, jazztastic tunes.

Kicking off the EP is Wish, a delicate and soulful track that begins with an entrancing saxophone solo (Phoenix Pastro), layered over upbeat, jazzy keys (Mitchell Pearce). Jamie’s vocals are sweet and beautiful, and she really displays her talent on this track, spanning from rich low notes to angelic high ones. The drums (Steven Mathews) in this track are light and gentle, and the keys are emotive and playful. Gentle guitar (John Stoddart) licks and Groovy bass (Jamie Chilvers) lines flow beneath the mix, tying everything together nicely. My favourite lyrics from this song are “I was blind, but now I see, Oh it’s amazing”, this track will get you swaying along with pleasure.

My Saviour is track number two on the EP, and it starts off with the soulful saxophone and groovy guitar, layered over funky bass and punchy keyboard lines. This track will get your fingers clicking along to the beat of their own volition. Jamie has some extremely catchy and addictive vocals in this track, and you can really feel the emotion in her voice as she sings about ‘Her best friend, her saviour’.

The title track From Here rolls in with a snazzy keyboard introduction, with what sounds like an old school organ effect happening. Jamie’s gentle vocals follow, in a very beautiful and soulful way. Once again, she displays her immense talent, leaping from strong low notes to soulful highs. The drums kick in just before the halfway point of the song, as well as the signature tenor Saxophone sound. The lyrics in this track are truly touching, my favourite lines being “Calling out to those who hear the earth groan, weary and frail, the people sigh in sorrow. We know life gifts the chance to keep us giving, So let give, heal, love and sing”. When the bridge rolls around, the rest of the band joins in on vocals and all sing “Love, I said love, I said love, That’s where we’re going”. This song is really easy to connect to as a listener, and the passion behind the lyrics and the music is palpable. This one definitely had me singing along, and has been stuck in my head for days.

Bringing the EP to a close is Dreaming, the fourth and final track. Gentle keyboard builds anticipation for Jamie’s delicate vocals, which remind me of a songbird’s sweet melodies as the sun sets, and they say goodbye to another beautiful day on this earth. The songs flows gently, and picks up before the end with passionate keyboard and strong vocals, before dropping away to the final lyrics “Take my hand, be my guide, as we venture past the shore. Truly dear, strong and kind, here I’ll stand forever more.” Judging by this song, Jamie may indeed be a siren, because I was so captivated by her vocals that I was ready to follow her anywhere.

Jacie are definitely a local band that you should keep an eye out for! All of the members are exceptionally talented, and their music is entrancing and addictive. You can catch Jacie at The Railway Hotel in Adelaide on the 7th of September for her EP release! Tickets are only $12 online or $15 at the door, and you can score yourself a free copy of her EP From Here with your ticket, as well as an evening of bliss with Jacie.




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