Not just suburban life for GRENADIERS

“Absolutely start a band because you love the music, if you wanna get rich, you’re in the wrong fucking business”

Truer advice has never been spoken.

I recently had the the chance to speak with vocalist and guitarist Jesse from Grenadiers about their most recent album 'Find something you love and let it kill you', musical influences, and what makes the Adelaide live music scene stand out.

M: When did the band officially form?

2007 was when It all came together after the demise of a band I was previously in. We were all playing some chaotic metal. As much as I still love that sort of music and did at that time as well, I just wanted to play something a bit more fun. That was obviously a long time ago and we’ve evolved in terms of members and style a lot in that period of time. But yeah, 10 plus years we’ve been doing it.

M: Do you all write the lyrics?

When we first started it was mainly me writing all the songs. I’m still driving the boat, but everyone chips in. I may sing the lyrics but I am still representing two other people with those lyrics, if they don’t like what’s being said than that’s a bit of a problem.

M: Yeah fair enough, democracy in a band is always important. Grenadiers is an interesting band name, how did you come up with it?

There’s no fun story for that. We needed a name, I listed a bunch of names that related to kinetic energy. Something that sounds bombastic. I probably wouldn’t call the band Grenadiers if I was starting it again because people have trouble spelling it haha.

M: I spent all last night listening to your latest album ‘Find something you love and let it kill you’, it was really damn good. Lots of different vibes all through it. From aggressive bogan anthems, to melancholy stoner tracks. My interpretation for your music I’d describe it as a kind of Aussie mix between Dropkick Murphy’s, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Ramones. Catchy, upbeat, vocal harmonies and heaps of chugging riffs. 'Suburban Life' is an absolute banger, loved it.

For people who haven’t heard you before, how would you best describe your sound?

I think you described it pretty well. It’s just rock and roll with a tinge of Australiana and a bit of melancholy. Lots of energy as well. Anyone who grew up in 90's Australia could probably relate to our lyrics.

M: Did you have any influences or artists that helped inspire the direction and sound of the band?

When initially I started the band, my idea was to have a band that sounded exactly like Hot Snakes, The Progs and Queens Of The Stone Age. Over time that’s changed a lot, these days I’d be more likely to draw influence from Radio Birdman or 80's punk rock. Tears For Fears or The Church. Anything from the 80’s typically that wizz guitars is something people seem to enjoy.

M: Congratulations on being nominated in the SAM awards. How important do you think the SAM awards are for Adelaide musicians?

These kind of awards are a nice tip of the hat, feeling like what you’ve done hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

M: Absolutely, promotion for local artists is always good. Do you think the live music scene is different in Adelaide as oppose to say Melbourne or Sydney?

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc. every state has vastly different scenes with their own landscape, both musically and culturally. And that comes down to the history of governments, cultural backgrounds and licensing laws. Adelaide is quite unique is many ways, it does it’s own thing. I would actually say the Adelaide music scene is stronger now than it has been in the last 10 years. There are more platforms for people to carve out their niche as a result of Triple J, Youtube, word of mouth, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

M: Just on the topic of gigs, Is there any embarrassing gig stories that stand out you for you?

Grenadiers has played literally hundreds of shows, but there was this show we played in Newcastle one night. That was us playing to the bar staff, and that was literally it. But there are also plenty of times we've played sold out shows in front of hundreds of people. The whole thing with being in a band is a bit of roller-coaster, it has it’s own momentum. Even if you want to stop you can’t really.

M: What would be your best advice to bands just starting up, wanting to play some gigs or get some media attention?

Don’t worry about getting media attention. Do your own thing, and don’t expect anyone to do anything for you basically, that would be my number 1 piece of advice. A lot of bands might be focused on getting a manager, a booking agent or being played on a certain platform or anything like that. All that stuff is nice if it comes organically, but the most important thing is your music and how passionate you are about it and it’s delivery. If that is in place the rest will come naturally, don’t do it for the money.

M: Very well said man. When is your next Adelaide gig so people can come check out Grenadiers for themselves?

We don’t have anything teed up at the moment, but there will be gigs soon. We are just focusing on writing new material, so keep an eye out for that.

M: For sure, I know I will! Thanks for your time Jesse, just before we finish is there anything you would like to ask?

Yeah, how much am I getting paid for this interview?

I can pay you in exposure dollars if that’s alright?

Yeah alright I’ll invoice you haha

Check out Grenadiers latest album 'Find something you love and let it kill you'.

You can follow them on social media to keep up to date with everything you want in Aussie punk rock bangers.


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