Colourblind But Not Tone Deaf

They've been carving up the scene for the past year and already they're coming out like a band on fire! But what's making this group Scorch through Adelaide?

The other day I caught up with Finn Cameron, Vocalist and Guitarist of Colourblind. To see what makes Colourblind.

Me: Now you guys have been together for just over a year, what was the story behind How Colourblind formed?

Finn: We've just all been really good friends that have been into Music and some of us recorded some albums at the start and just got together and it just worked. We're all pretty similar in musical taste but having some jams together really kinda made us bond over some stuff. It's really more of a group of friends then it is a band, Still is.

Me: You've been playing a lot of shows with other bands from Adelaide, what would be your all-time favourite Adelaide bands at the moment?

Finn: We've always loved working with DRAINING, they've done a lot for us, we've played lots of shows with them. Yeah dude, they're all really nice people. They're just really big advocates for the scene in general. We're pretty tight with MERCS now. We have ties with HOT MESS as our bassist was a big part of them, and TOWNS, BIG Shout out to them.

Me: Now what would you say are influences for Colourblind, Music wise and just in general, what motivates the songwriting for you?

Finn: When we first started off it was right before I decided to leave school because I left early in year 12, the anger and frustration that came with that and that's kinda where our sound comes from. We've all been kinda into the heavier, sadder, emo music, but there were only a few bands that we came together on, Like TITLE FIGHT, BASEMENT, CITIZEN, other than that we all have a pretty broad background. So its kinda just like driven off some of the anger I had back then because some of these songs are a year old now and that's kinda where the sound comes from. It's this big formation of everything, so it really meets in the middle of some of the heavier and softer kinda stuff.

We're all such very different people and we all come from very different backgrounds, its just a few things like I'm so much younger then everyone so they have all these other connections that I don't have but I think that's what makes us, us. That's why some of our songs go between so many different genres and just lyrically because of some of the influences we've had being young angsty teenagers, they're just generally angry and talking about self-reflection and how we see ourselves and the tragedies of growing up.

Me: How does it feel to be a part of the South Australian Music Awards?

Finn: Yeah it's really cool, it just makes us feel like the hard work is getting somewhere, Its good to get recognized in one way or another so its really cool that it's our first real way of getting our name out there because it's been really lowkey up until recently so everything is just starting to feel real now, with the EP coming out soon and some music videos and some promotion and things like that it makes it really exciting.

Me: You dropped as a teaser for your music video back in may, can we get a cheeky insight into the motivation behind the music video before it drops?

Finn: Man, We just really wanted to show our faces in a cool way, We filmed it in and around industrial areas where we live and we used the influence of water obviously considering the chorus of the song and the video builds up the way the song builds up. Starts off all cool and relaxed and then gets a bit hectic, But it's really just about showing our faces and saying Hey where a band and we're here and just F*cking check us out (Laughs) That's all it really came down to, We got hailed from really good directors, Mike Williamson and Bonny Paku, Both great great people and the shots just look great and that's kinda what we were going for.

Me: Well thank you man for sitting down with me, been a top chat!

Finn: Thanks man I'll catch ya later!

Colourblind's new music video drops on the 14th of september and they are jumping on for supporting duties on the 21st of september for a gig at JIVE with DEADLIGHTS and Saviour!

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