Lead Worm: Wriggling their way to the top!

He kills it as the lead writer and editor of The Australian Underground - but did you know the man known on FaceBook as Jona Sheeple also slaps the bass more than just a bit for Adelaide's own alternative rock SAM award nominated band - LEAD WORM?

I sat down for a chat with the man, the myth, the legend, the Jona to get the lowdown on what it's like juggling playing in 2 bands as well as a writing career.

Me: Gimme a base line. Whats the story behind the formation of Lead Worm?

Jona: /Plays Bass Riff.

Jona: Michael the singer came over to Australia from South Africa in 2015, and put some advertisements up looking for band mates. By August 2015 we were a 4 piece band consisting of just myself, Michael, and Dave our drummer at first but early on we recruited a keyboard player who is now no longer with us to activate samples and play certain bits rather than just have a boring backing track play and to also add a visual element to the idea, in addition to our LED sound activated light show, which unfortunately, at the time we were unable to perfect

Me: You've had a few transitions, from being a four piece to a 3 and back?

Jona: We are a 4 piece band now, from a 3 piece to a 4 piece to a 5 piece, to a 4 piece again for some time... now back to being a 4 piece with a new drummer and harry on rhythm guitar

Me: Clearly a lot of people have gone through and left their mark and their style on the band then. Nowdays what are you main musical influences in song writing?

Jona: Oh, they’ve certainly left an impact and a mark or two in one way or another... Muse and Deftones have always been huge influences of the band since the beginning, Muse for their brilliant songwriting and transitions between songs and various emotions portrayed in sound, and Deftones for their dark tones and unique diminished vibe.

Me: How much of that influence translated into your latest music? Will we hear hints of Muse and Deftones in your new upcoming music?

Jona: In the latest music?... Hmm I think it’s been more of a natural transition and development in sound, but you could say there’s more hints of Deftones due to the lower tunings used on our new stuff in progress, we've been doing a lot of experimenting.

Me: You're in the category for most popular rock artist in the South Australian Music awards this year, how does it feel to be a part of them for the first time?

Jona: Flattering. It’s an honour and a tad surprising! I don’t really know what it means for us moving forward but it’s got to mean something right! It's good to feel recognized for the work we’ve been doing these last 3 years.

Me: How important do you think they are for South Australian artists?

Jona: For those nominated? I’m sure it’s a big lift to be noticed and feel appreciated. As for those not nominated a reason to keep on being active and keeping at it, something to look forward to next year...

Me: You actually have your hand in in a few projects. Besides being involved in Lead Worm and also your other band Never Light you also write for our little publication and a few others around Adelaide. How do you manage to keep up with everything?

"It’s like Uncle Ben told me, with great power comes great responsibility."

Jona: With great difficulty. But it’s like Uncle Ben told me, with great power comes great responsibility. So I just keep that in mind every day and keep at it to try make him proud. R.I.P

Me: Whats the next step for Lead Worm currently?

Jona: Well we are currently in the process of writing a new album, which we’ve been doing for some time now... we got so many great songs that we can’t possibly fit it all on one CD, so we are going to be releasing a double album... with a yin / yang kind of theme.

Me: What is the main inspiration behind the yin and yang theme?

Jona: It’s very much a light and a dark side idea that was thought of. We may not necessarily roll with yin yang, or light and dark, but expect something along those lines...

Me: Well Jona been an absolute pleasure chatting to you. What can we expect from you and Lead Worm in the coming future?

Jona: Expect the world.

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