Pack your 9's Tech N9ne is on tonight at prime time!

After a cappuccino and a mild moustache trim, Jon Burgundy set out to interview the one and only, or is it one in 9, Aaron Dontez Yates better known as Tech N9ne ahead of tonight’s wild show at Fowlers Live in Adelaide

J: You’re one of the biggest independent hip hop artists of all time, that’s a major accomplishment in itself, do you ever wake up and think “Oh my god, I’ve actually done this – and I am a god!”?

Yeah, it’s amazing and surreal. I’ve always had the desire to be the number one overall, and that’s why I’m still going, I’ve reached the level of the number one indie, and I’ve had it for a long time. That’s a wonderful accomplishment, coming from nothing. But it’s like Jim Morrison said… “We want the world, and we want it now!”

J: So you take a bit of inspiration from the one and only man himself, he who front manned The Doors and opened a world to another dimension, Jim Morrison?

Yes I do man. There would not be ‘Strange Music’ without The Doors in my opinion. The Doors, Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, their fusion of sounds actually inspired me to call my label ‘Strange Music’. It’s all because of the song’s ‘People are Strange’, and ‘Strange Days’ by those guys. I went to Paris in 2012, and I went to Jim’s grave at Pere-Lachaise to thank him in person. When I go back there in February I’ll thank him again.

J: What are you gonna be doing in France, or as some may say Parise’ this time round? Have you got an upcoming tour there or something?

Yeah, we’re doing Europe in February. I’m really looking forward to it.

J: That sounds great. Are you going to be doing anything else when you’re over here Australia?

I dunno, I guess I’ll find out while here. Whatever’s poppin’ you know, I’m down.

J: Well let’s pop something! You’ve been described by many as “The master of crowd control” when it comes to your live performance, how is it that you manage to take a hold of the audience like a small baby so so well?

With years and years of practice, of being on the mic, or learning what works and what doesn’t. I’ve known what to say at what time with the music, it just takes experience, and I’ve had a lot of that. I still experience new things every day. I’m a microphone master. With that being said, I master the crowds as well.

Well you are a true lad, please do not die in a gang bang for the love of humanity and your fans sake.


Interview By Jon Burgundy

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