A Mellow Night at Adelaide Uni Bar...

On Saturday the 15th of September, the wonderfully talented Angie McMahon graced the ears of Adelaidean punters at the Adelaide Uni Bar. She was supported by Melbourne singer-songwriter Alexander Biggs, and Canadian singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk. The night was laid back, yet vibrant, and the audience were definitely not disappointed by this all ages show.

Alexander Biggs kicked off the night, warming up the audience as the room began to fill up with excited punters. Straight off the back of a national tour with Aussie artist Amy Shark, Alexander still had plenty to give the fans, and they were not left disappointed by his airy, graceful music and his casual and personable on stage demeanour. He played some of his older tracks from his first record ‘Still You Sharpen Your Teeth’, as well as some new tracks such as ‘The Worst We’ve Ever Been’ and ‘Car Ride’ from his brand new album ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’. He played solo, accompanied only by his Acoustic Guitar, but still managed to capture the attention of everyone in the room. He seemed somewhat shy, but this helped him to connect with the audience on a very even field, conversing with punters between songs, and making silly jokes. By the end of his set, the room was beginning to buzz with anticipation for the acts to follow.

Next up was Leif Vollebekk, joining the tour all the way from Canada. This was his first ever tour in Australia, and he was playing to and almost-full room for a sold out show. He hit the stage solo, accompanied by what looked like a traveller guitar, a keyboard, and his trusty Harmonica resting around his neck. He started his set on the keyboard, which had the tone of a Baby Grand, playing soulfully and moving along to the music. The audience swayed along to his groovy tunes, and he beamed a smile that lit up the entire venue. He had the crowd clapping and clicking along to some of his jazzier tracks, and connected with them through the emotion he poured into his music. Halfway through his set, he switched to playing guitar, and teased the crowd with a short cover of ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. He played some of his older tracks, as well as new ones from his most recent album ‘Twin Solitude’, and had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He played Harmonica in some of his tracks, which broke through the mix with its mournful wail. For his final song, he was joined by the Bassist and Drummer from Angie McMahon’s band, which added a lot of depth to the music, bringing out an ever more soulful element. He addressed the crowd with confidence and hyped up the room for the headliner, Angie McMahon, and left everyone begging for more.

After much anticipation, Angie McMahon finally hit the stage with her three piece band. The crowd roared with approval as the band began to play a short intro song, a cover of ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. Angie sang and played a beautiful semi acoustic guitar, with a very talented drummer hitting the tubs, and a bassist playing a semi acoustic bass guitar through an Ampeg bass amp. Angie wowed the crowd with her powerful vocals and emotive lyrics, and the audience beamed at her in admiration. She address the crowd and giggled shyly as the crowd called out her name, and had a very modest and relaxed on stage persona. This was her first ever show in Adelaide, and she was playing to a sold out room. She spoke about how she discovered Leif Vollebekk’s music, and reached out to him to see if he would be interested in touring with her. She expressed her gratitude to Leif for joining her, and being such a fantastic musician to tour with. The audience went crazy for her hits ‘Keeping Time’, ‘Missing Me’ and ‘Slow Mover’, and sang along with passion. At time she brought the energy down a notch with her more mellow tunes like ‘Push’ and ‘Standout’, and she even teased the punters with an unreleased track called ‘Play The Game’ from her upcoming album called ‘Covers’. Half way through the set, the band left Angie to play solo, and she was joined by Leif for the songs ‘If I Call’ and ‘Atlantic City’. Their vocal harmonies were sweeter than candy, and their voices complimented and contrasted each other. The band joined her again, and she played a cover of ‘Silver Springs’ by Fleetwood Mac, and an original song called ‘And I Am A Woman’, which is about wanting to feel equal as a woman. She delivered the song with vigour and passion, and the room radiated with emotion. For their final song, Leif joined them on stage again and they played a track called ‘Pasta’. The crowd went crazy one last time, singing and dancing with all of their energy. The crowd was left begging for an encore, but since it was an all-ages show that had to be finished by midnight, there was unfortunately not enough time to play one. Despite this, her fans did not leave disappointed, having thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

The merch table was well stocked with merch from all of the artists, including t-shits, hats, tote bags, CD’s and stickers. The Adelaide Uni Bar was tidy and well organised, and the staff were lovely, as always, providing excellent service with a smile.

Overall, the night was magnificent. All of the acts delivered exceptional performances, and the audience was left grinning and exhausted from dancing by the end of the night. You can keep up to date with all of the artists via social media or their websites, and you can hear all of their music on Spotify.

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