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The Angels Rick Brewster had a chat with The Australian Underground ahead of their upcoming Face to Face tour for which they will be stopping by the Gov in Adelaide for a couple of nights of rocking fun for everyone! We discuss how the band is getting on these days and have a chat about some of the changes they have seen over their lengthy career in the music industry.

AU: Hey Rick great to have you here for a chat, so will The Angels be playing Face To Face from front to back and in its entirety while over here on the bands upcoming tour?

Yes, we will be. We don’t have a support band, we come on early and play the whole Face To Face album. Then we take a short break and come back on with all of our other songs that people really want to hear. It’s a fun show for us and the audience!

AU: Do you have a personal favourite song from your entire discography?

Not really, I find it really hard to single out one song. I like different parts of all of the songs, sometimes I really like the solos, sometimes I like the lyrics, other times I like the chord progressions. It’s different for each song.

AU: Over your career in the industry, what are the biggest changes you’ve seen as a performer?

I guess the main change is probably the venues that we play in, especially for a young band. I don’t know how they do it, because when we began, we relied on being able to play gigs most nights of the week. You just can’t do that anymore, we can’t do it. It’s really only Friday and Saturday nights. Being in a young band, you’d have to rely on other work to get by. There are more ways to get your music out there now, but there’s nothing like playing a live show in front of a real audience.

AU: It can be tough to get lots of gigs, as a muso myself.. I’m a little envious of the time when your band was in its early days, it sounds like a much more vibrant scene.

It was, it was an incredible period. A tiny little glitch in time where live music was heavily supported, all over the country. It was fantastic, I don’t think it’ll ever happen again. There were door limits, but they weren’t enforced like they are today. We could play to rooms that were over capacity, absolutely packed like sardines. Those were the good old days.

AU: Have you got any memories from previous performances at The Gov?

It’s hard to single out a particular memory there. Overall, it’s one of very few great venues, they’re just aren’t that many left. The Gov is a standout venue, one of the best in Australia.

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