A Minute with Mane

I had the chance to have a quick chat with Adelaide’s golden girl, the one and only Mane, following the release of her new hit single, Save Yourself. We talked about her upcoming national tour with Pinkish Blu, and the new music that she’s working on at the moment.

"Your new single ‘Save Yourself’ has just been released, what inspired you to write this track?"

"Save Yourself was written watching someone I’m close to make the same mistakes over and over again. They become really complacent in their ways and were hurting people in the process. It’s a bit of a call out song. As someone who cares about that person though it’s really hard to walk away, you don’t want them to feel abandoned but you also don’t want to enable them but when it becomes detrimental to your wellbeing the solution becomes pretty obvious.

"You’ve announced a headline tour with Pinkish Blu, what are you most looking forward to on that tour?"

"It’s been a while since a headline tour so I’m looking forward to playing a whole set and gauging how the music has been received this year"

"You recently toured with Pinkish Blu and Kingswood, why did you choose Pinkish Blu as your support act for this upcoming tour?"

"I saw them open the Kingswood show in Adelaide in September and really loved their live set. They’re such a lovely group of guys too! It’s cool to see them killing it right now and I can’t wait to have them support the shows on the tour"

"What is your favourite city in Australia to play in?"

"I always love a hometown crowd in Adelaide but I had heaps of fun in Sydney on my last headline tour, so I’m looking forward to playing there again!"

"Are you working on an album/EP at the moment? If so, when do you think that will be released?"

"I’ve been writing a lot and definitely working towards something bigger early-ish next year"

"If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you like to tour?"

"I toured UK/Europe last year and that was fun, so I’d love to go back soon, but I really wanna tour the US"

"Which of your songs is the most meaningful to you, and why?"

"There is a lot of unreleased tracks that hold a lot of meaning to me that you’ll hear on the tour, but as far as released songs go, probably ‘Save Yourself’. I’m really proud of the track."

"What is your favourite song to play live?"

"Chasing Butterflies is always a lot of fun, it’s been super cool this year playing it live and watching people in the crowds dance around and sing the lyrics. It makes me so happy!"

You can catch Mane on her upcoming Australian tour with Pinkish Blu, and you can listen to her new single Save Yourself on Spotify and iTunes. To keep up to date with what this wonderfully talented lady is up to, follow her on social media or via her website, and make sure you get your tickets to see her on her national tour!





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