The Crooked Doctor; Bringing Funk to a New Generation

24 year old Sasha Soibelman is not a stranger in the music scene. The Melbourne based artist has featured in various projects prior to his project 'The Crooked Doctor.' As demonstrated by the recent release of 'The Crooked Doctor EP,' Sasha has used this experience to develop a sound which collectively fuses a range of genres whilst also breaking down the separation of various musical styles. I had a chat to Sasha about 'The Crooked Doctor' to get an insight of the project.

The Australian Underground: Hi Sasha! First off, can you explain in your own words what is The Crooked Doctor?

Sasha Soibelman: It would be taking music that has a base in 70’s New Orleans funk, but bringing it into this generation in terms of the tonality of the music. Adding synths, adding basses and electronic beats to the song structures and sounds which have a very old school funk base.

AU: Let’s talk about your beginnings. What led to you forming The Crooked Doctor?

SS: Pretty much, I was a bit sick of being in a band. Our band was finishing up at the time, and I just wanted to have a project where I wouldn’t need to compromise at all. I could experiment without needing to think about everyone else in the band and if they’d like what I’m doing. But funnily enough, I ended up working in one song or another with everyone I was in that band with!

AU: Your sound is very unique, and merges together a range of genres. To those who haven’t listened to your music, could you give a quick summary of what it is?

SS: 70’s funk but think of The Neville Brothers with Dr Dre tones.

AU: You’ve recently released The Crooked Doctor EP, can you tell me a bit about the recording process for that?

SS: It was almost entirely a bedroom recording process, we set up a studio just in our living room. One of my roommates plays the keys on a bunch of the songs, and the other one was just fully happy with us making a lot of noise in the living room. So it was really easy and we could just experiment. I probably recorded the EP over a year and a half, just recording some ideas, creating new tracks and throwing out the old ones. That’s the thing about bedroom recording, you’re not paying for a space so you can just record for hours to develop the sound.

AU: I heard that you’ve recently been back recording, has that also been done in your lounge room? SS: Yeah, pretty much! The only song on the EP that I recorded in a studio was ‘Work To Die,’ and that was because I really wanted a live drum kit to feature on that one and unfortunately that live drum kit goes beyond the confines of our living room I’m afraid! (Laughs). AU: So about this new music, can you give us a little preview of it? SS: Now I'm recording for a different project which I'm hoping to launch next year, in a 'podcast' way of releasing music. I'll be creating 'lounge beats' and having different instrumentalists coming in and taking the lead in every individual song, and aim to release one every two weeks starting next year.

AU: Do you have any plans to have The Crooked Doctor as a live performance? SS: Absolutely! I’m in the process of starting to set up band now. I just really wanted to get an EP out first, just to have the sound based from the start of the project. Because whenever you bring in a band, you change the sound. So I just wanted to record the EP the way I wanted, then after form a band bringing in the more ‘jamming’ elements of the songs.

You can listen to The Crooked Doctor EP on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music. To keep up to date with The Crooked Doctor, make sure to like on Facebook and follow on Instagram.

Cover image taken from The Crooked Doctor on Facebook.

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