AUDIO REIGN - A debut album that won't betray you

Audio Reign formed in 2011 with the goal of creating a catchy rock sound with melodic vocals and a balls to the wall driving guitar/drum fusion.

Finally their debut self titled album is here and you can expect nothing but great quality production value and talent.

Featuring the talented skills from lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jake Fleming, Alek Dyrynda on lead guitar, Ash Lovett taking the bass and Dieter Schoell double-kicking his way through this Audio Reign journey on drums. Hold on to your butts!

Track 1: Betrayal

Kicks off hard and fast with a real catchy riff. Within a minute it gets straight into the groovy upbeat chorus complete with the trademark vocal talents of Jake. 'Betrayal' gives you a taste of things to expect – Bloody rocking good fun but damn catchy harmonies that will stick in your head.

Track 2: Pill

Changes the pace for a bit, crunchy and grungy to begin. Catchy melodies ensue before things tone down for the bridge, the mood gets mellow before building up for the kickass outro.

Track 3: Senses

Emotional rock ballad with lyrics centred around losing someone and trying to move on, some nice guitar solos towards the end of the track drive the vibe of the song home.

Track 4: One Way

Short and fast but to the point. Crunchy double-kickers the whole way through to the awesome chorus definitely feels like you are driving like a bat outta Hell down the highway. Buckle up.

Track 5: Broken

Groovy tune with heaps of offbeat anticipation builds ups, that all leads up to nice vocal harmonies. Just when you think the song is finished a quiet it starts back up again with a cool little pre-chorus before jumping back into the outro to complete this beautiful little enigma.

Track 6: The Portrait

What begins as a crisp little guitar lick accompanied with sombre vocals and a driving hi-hats, suddenly explodes into a chugging drum and guitar duet. Plenty of riffs reminiscent of Killswitch Engage and even a quiet bridge complete with bongos. You wouldn’t even notice the song is nearly 6 minutes long with the amount of interesting chord progressions and wicked structure changes throughout.

Track 7: Shining Light

Beautiful little rock ballad made to feel even more complete with violin and guitar solos at the halfway mark. Early 2000’s Shinedown fans will love this.

Track 8: Make Me Feel

A 7 minute rock journey into feeling alone and fighting to get out of rock bottom, great little tune. Audio Reign has the real knack of telling a story through multiple song structures and contrasting progressive elements, just like different chapters in a novel.

Track 9: Falling

Straight into the groove and feels like a Metallica banger from the moment you press play, but with their own flair. By now the best way to describe Audio Reign is an ear worm with a hard rock crunch.

Track 10: Breaks Me

After a 5 song break, 'Breaks Me' jumps back on the bandwagon of hard and fast pedal to the metal similar to 'One Way'. Nearly 5 minutes long so you can enjoy the pace longer while getting a speeding ticket.

Track 11: Jezebel

The final song on the album is short and sweet with the grunge infused final lyrics "six six six". Leaves you wanting more, but luckily you can just hit repeat and listen to this kickass album all over again.

For those who aren't content with just listening to this stunner at home can AND SHOULD make their way to the HQ Complex where AUDIO REIGN, along with another well known local rock outfit LEAD WORM, will be supporting super rockers SKILLET on the Adelaide leg of their first Oz and NZ tour since 2011 on November the 19th!!

That's this Monday people ;)

You can follow Audio Reign on social media and listen the this album on iTunes.


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