Jesse from Grenadiers once again laying it all on the table how passionate, committed and dedicated he is to creating music and organising Adelaide Stonecutters Festival 2018.

M: Last time we had a chat you were working on new material for Grenadiers, how’s that coming along?

Slowly, life gets in the way sometimes. But we’ll keep plugging away at it and see what happens, no huge ambitions to take over the world at this stage. We’ll put out some new music for ourselves and the people who dig it at some stage, but there’s no real time line.

M: You were at the recent SAM Awards, how was that?

Yeah great, myself and Jimmy went. Grenadiers were nominated for 'Best Group' which was won by West Thebarton very deservedly I'd say, great band and great dudes. Our drummer Jimmy actually was nominated for 'Best Studio' which he won, for his Ghostnote Recording Studio.

M: It’s awesome that you’re in the lineup for Stonecutters 2018. Are you excited?

Yeah for sure, Stonecutters is actually my baby. I put the event together, so little bit of nepotism on my behalf putting my own band on the bill. But it felt like a good match with lots of other great bands playing.

M: Did you organise the other Stonecutters festivals?

I had nothing to do with the first one in 2015, then I joined a company Five Four Entertainment who put on the first Stonecutters, When I started working for them they threw it to me. They let me run it from then on, so 2016 and 2017 were my babies. Other valuable people work on it, but it’s kinda my baby in terms of curating the lineup.

So yeah pretty much talking to booking agents or bands directly if they don’t have booking agents, just make sure everyone gets paid fairly and take it from there.

M: Why did you pick these bands in particular for Stonecutters 2018?

Basically because they are great bands and fit the bill for what we want to bring, which is Australian rock music and people want to see them. Bad//Dreems haven’t done an Adelaide show in quite a long time, they’re pretty popular and I think they’ll be a great way to round out the night. The Chats have a lot of fans and are getting bigger and bigger, I just think they are a fucking awesome band that are so much fun to watch. Got Slowly Slowly on board because they are great, basically the common thread here is we booked these bands because they are awesome. We wanted a wide variety of styles with people from all different walks of life, it’s an event for everyone who enjoys rock music and wants to feel safe and respected to enjoy music they really like.

M: Is there any bands on the lineup you haven’t played with before but look forward to seeing?

Yeah we haven’t played with The Chats although I’ve seen them numerous times and absolutely loved them. There’s a couple bands I haven’t seen so on a personal level I’m very keen to do so which are Pist Idiots and Moaning Lisa. We have Hightime playing almost every year, it’s not a party without Hightime and they are fucking awesome to watch. There’s going to be a lot of highlights on the day.

M: Did you find it hard keeping the lineup for Stonecutters a secret until it was announced?

Nah that kinda comes with the territory, gotta keep your lips sealed when you’re doing these kind of things. It’s a lot harder for bands than me.

The Chats, Pist Idiots, Slowly Slowly, Press Club and Moaning Lisa are doing national tours and Stonecutters kinda became the Adelaide date for all of those bands. But some of those tours had already been announced before Stonecutters was, they just couldn’t say they were playing that show yet. So it was definitely tougher for them than it was for me.

M: Are you planning to organise any future Stonecutters?

Yeah, well this is the forth year in a row so I see no reason we wouldn’t continue to do it. As long as it’s a rewarding experience and people continue to come, it’s a great event and we’ll continue to try and grow it. It’s not something we make money off, it’s just about making sure that events like this in Adelaide happen and are done well.

As long as I have blood running though veins I will continue to make it happen.

M: Your most recent gig with Grenadiers was the Dead Kennedys show in Adelaide, how was that?

Yeah fun, it was actually on my birthday. It was a sold out Gov, good crowd and people seemed to like what we were putting down. The Dead Kennedys were fun to watch, their singer does not shut the fuck up and the music was awesome.

M: Any local bands you would love to play with one day?

There’s heaps of bands doing great things, I’m actually a big Royal Headache fan. So the frontman Shogun has a new band called Shogun And The Sheets which sounds really cool, it’s like the logical continuation of Royal Headache but with a bit more of a soul vibe. Australia has no shortage of musicians who definitely punch above their weight in terms of quality.

M: Without giving too much away, when can we expect a new album or announcement?

Yet to be seen, we have nothing to announce at this time. We’ve done all the music for our next album, just need to lay down some vocals and write more lyrics. The music I think is the best we’ve done by far. It’s real straight forward and real raw, in a kinda 80’s Aussie rock sort of way. I think it’s going to resonate with a lot of people and I look forward to finishing it off.

You won't want to miss this Stonecutters Festival:

When: Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 3 PM

Where: Fenn Pl, Adelaide.

Tickets available here

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