Heinous Crimes are jamming out epic psychedelic tracks

Heinous Crimes is becoming a prominent figure in the underground music scene, this awesome foursome brings forward to us a unique blend of psychedelic, desert rock and alternative rock with their new single "Lies".

Last week I had the opportunity and delight to interview the lead guitarist and singer of Adelaide’s Heinous Crimes, Igor Sukno, to discuss the band's inspirations and aspirations.

YK: When did the band officially form? Where did you guys meet?

IS: “We formed in 2015, and at that point we were just a three piece as opposed to the four piece band we are now. It was myself, the current bass player, Anthony, and a former drummer named Henry. Anthony and Henry knew each other since they were babies and were close family friends, so they both grew up playing music together. I met them after high school, which was when we first formed the band. In 2016, Henry moved to Melbourne and we recruited a new drummer and an additional guitarist to join the band, becoming the four piece act we are today.”

YK: How did you come up with the name? And who came up with it?

IS: “I actually can’t remember how we came up with the name. We take the music seriously, but we saw the name as something that sounded cool and funny, so we just went with it and stuck with it.”

YK: I read that you described your music as a blend of psychedelic, desert and alternative rock; are there any music genres you’ve wanted to experiment with?

IS: “ We have a lot of different influences, so possibly. I like to listen to everything and don’t have my favourite type of music. Now were a ‘jam’ type of band; we just jam ideas and that’s how ideas come together. Whatever genre it comes out to be, we just stick with it, and it has evolved to be that alternative and psychedelic rock blend because we all seem to play in that style and it resonates with us. We also tend to play in a spaghetti-western psychedelic style, so I think there’ll be some songs coming out with that element to it. But, whatever sounds good we just stick with it.”

YK: I saw that you guys performed at a few Melbourne gigs, what was that like?

IS: “When we released our first EP No Time, we toured briefly around Australia. We played the Retreat and Brunswick in Melbourne, and Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney. The Retreat gig was awesome because that was for our EP tour, and our friends from Melbourne and their bands played on the launch as well, which helped bring in more people."

YK: It must have been a great experience to reach into a new audience and broaden your target audience; do you have any more trips around Australia planned?

IS: “With this new single, were heading to Melbourne for a festival on the 8th of December at the Tote. We’ve never played the Tote and it’s an iconic venue. We’ve all seen gigs there but we’ve never played before, so were pretty pumped for that. I think there are fifteen different bands playing and it’s an all day event. It’s called the Menagerie, the first time it’s being held and the lineup is pretty cool so we’re all pretty keen for it.”

YK: I had a listen to the new single “Lies” on Spotify. I really enjoyed the track and sound you produce as a group. What were the inspiration and the writing process behind the song?

IS: “It was a development from our guitarist’s riff; when we were in Melbourne one weekend, he recorded that one-minute riff at our mate’s production home studio. That was just before he joined the band, and it was the first song we wrote as a band. That initial idea turned into a pretty epic song.”

YK: The official live launch of the track is coming soon to Adelaide and Melbourne, do you think there’s a difference in the sound live over digitally? Do you have a preference in how you share it?

IS: “I think we’re all pretty stoked on how the recording has come out; the only thing hardest to pull of live sometimes is the vocals, because it is very delayed and drenched. To accurately emulate that, I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to use my own vocal effects pedal. If you rely on the sound technician, they may not have that ability on their sound desk or understand what you’re going for. So from now on I hope to use my own equipment, so hopefully I’ll be able to nail it like the recording.”

YK: You must have been pretty chuffed d uploading your music on Spotify; are there any more platforms you wish to explore to share your music?

IS: “The song will be basically on every music streaming service, except ITunes. You’ll be able to see it on Google Play, Soundcloud, Shazam, and YouTube to name a few.”

YK: Where do you hope to take the band in the New Year? Are there any major plans or ventures?

IS: “We hope to release an EP in 2019, possibly even an album. We have enough songs for an EP, but if we can get more under the belt, that could fan out into an album. Also getting into some bigger supports, we’re supporting a Melbourne desert-rock band called Full Tone Generator in March next year when they come to Adelaide. There also may be one more single before the EP launch.”

YK: Has there been a favourite venue to perform at?

IS: “Definitely for me the Cranker would be number; good sound and good room. We played at the Gov once, and that would have to take the cake because it’s a larger venue and an awesome sound. Once you play at a venue like that, going back to a pub-sized venue is frustrating, leaving you wanting more.”

YK: Is there a venue you’ve been dying to perform at?

IS: “I’ve always wanted to play at the Thebarton one day, that’s a long-term dream of mine. In terms of smaller venues, maybe the Cherry Bar in Melbourne, that we could play soonish. But the Thebarton would be awesome if we got to that level of success.”

Heinous Crimes new single "Lies" is available now on Youtube and Spotify right now. If you haven’t blessed yourself with the opportunity to listen to it, I certainly recommend it.

If you want to catch it live, you can find them in Melbourne for the Menagerie Festival on the 8th of December at the Tote.

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