I’ve seen a lot of gigs in the past 8 years since living in Adelaide, since I’m moving to Brisbane I thought I’d take the time to create a shortlist of my favourite local bands and when I first saw them. So without further ado, I spotlight to you my personal picks of local Adelaide bands you must see:


When: 6 October 2012

Where: Fowler’s Live

Debuting with their self titled EP in 2009, The Killgirls are a 5-piece indie/electro band that are fun, lighthearted and made you wanna get up and shake your money maker. Headlining for the Official 2012 Adelaide Zombie Walk After Party, this was my first experience actually attending a gig at Fowler’s. While they may not tour anymore, you can still listen to their stuff on Triple J Unearthed and Youtube.


When: 8 April 2017

Where: Prospect Town Hall

Showcasing their knack for ‘close to the real thing’ cover sets such as Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. On this night WCH performed an absolutely awesome Foo Fighters tribute charity show. All proceeds from the show went towards The Emma Roscow Foundation, which raises money to provide positive and engaging activities for mental health patients in hospitals across South Australia. I was blown away with how accurate they sounded to Foo Fighters but still putting their own spin on it, it was a great night for an even better cause.


When: 14 October 2017

Where: German Club

While the real Chrissy Amphlett may have passed on, the next best thing is this local tribute act that goes above and beyond to give you same viewing experience. Not just contented with performing a spot on Divinyls cover set complete with the uncanny lookalike lead singer, The Davinyls also showcase the life and history of Chrissy Amphlett. Complete with video and photo presentations, you are basically experiencing a documentary firsthand with an amazing band providing the soundtrack. Absolutely fantastic and a must see.


When: 7 October 2018

Where: Elder Hall

Back to an original local band now, Ukulele Death Squad are pretty self explanatory to what you might expect to hear from them. Emerging just recently onto the scene in February 2017, they blend together Flamenco, Mariachi, Rap and finally their own style of ukulele. Totally unexpected what I was going to hear from these guys when I saw them, but they are worth all the hype surrounding them. Totally unique and heaps of fun to watch. Where else are you going to experience a saxophone and fiddle solo fusion by a bunch of guys wearing ties playing upbeat Mexican inspired music while singing in French? Fantastic to see and would do so again.


When: 11 March 2016

Where: Enigma Bar

Technical masterminds and prog pioneers, Adelaidian boys Dyssidia have been on the scene since debuting in 2013 with their EP ‘Quiet Waters’. Vocal harmonies and chugging riffs aplenty, it’s not hard to see why Tesseract, Opeth and Dream Theater have been such big influences on them. With so much potential and an impressive number of tours under their belt already, Dyssidia won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


When: 20 October 2018

Where: Enigma Bar

Adelaide is home to some fantastic black metal bands, case and point: Christ Dismembered. Since 2012 these sadistic headbangers have been showcasing their brutal mix of blackened chaotic metal and creepy stage atmosphere to give viewers a shocking and brilliant experience. Check them out, if you dare…


When: 3 December 2016

Where: Enigma Bar

Adelaide veterans In The Burial have been around since 2007 starting off as a technical death metal band. Since then In The Burial has had a female lead vocalist and a symphonic black metal style makeover, I got major Nightwish and Dethklok vibes when I first saw them. Relentless drumming mixed with melodic guitar and beautifully brutal vocals make for an absolutely awesome experience.


When: 15 January 2016

Where: Enigma Bar

Formed in 2012, stoner doom heavy-hitters Amoderdeath have been making a lot of noise on the Adelaide metal scene. With influences such as Gojira and Meshuggah, they aren’t your typical Black Sabbath stoner clone band. Fucking heaving and unstoppable, Amoderndeath are an amazingly talented group you don’t want to miss.


When: 20 October 2018

Where: Enigma Bar

Let’s keep the death-train a movin’ with Adelaidian black metal group Abstract The Light. Debuting in 2015 these creepy and avant-garde metalheads have performed numerous atmospheric talented and enjoyable gigs straight from Hell, complete with black robes and an awesome stage presence make for an unforgettable show.


When: 26 May 2018

Where: Jive

My favourite Adelaide band of all time: Jungle City. Not the heaviest on this list but for me they were the most enjoyable and captivating of all the gigs I’ve attended. Jungle City are a multi-talented 3 piece psychedelic rock band. Combining funk and stoner groove to create unbelievably catchy and infectious music that will be stuck in your head long after their show is over. I don’t buy CD’s often, but I did not hesitate to purchase their album ‘Jungle City III’ at this gig. Combing all the things I love about psychedelic music including groovy bass lines, catchy rhythms and fucking insane vocals. Jungle City have a similar sound to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Wolfmother without becoming a stale carbon-copy like so many stoner/sludge metal bands these days. Definitely a night I'll remember for years to come, grab on and don’t let go!

So in summary a huge thanks to these artists and many many more for the memories, and remember: KEEP SUPPORTING LIVE MUSIC!

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