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Although still recovering from an all night studio session, Asher (Good Doog's Guitarist) Still managed to catch up with me for a little chat, we talked about memes, Good Doog's Origins and what music the lads are into. Enjoy xx

Jordan: What would the origin story for Good Doogs be ?

Asher: So I was actually playing with another band, Glass Wave, and one night I was playing

with Hockey Dad, we we're supporting them on their Perth Shows and Mike The Drummer was actually the events coordinator for the show and I was just walking around, cruising and enjoying the show and I noticed he was wearing a WAVVES jumper, So I mentioned he had a sick jumper and we hit it off from that, I found out he was a drummer and I said we should start a waaves cover band (Laughs) from there it was originally a two piece and he asked if his mate could come and I said yeah sure!. From there we just started writing our own songs and never really did a wavves cover, we did try to cover King of the Beach one time but we butchered so we we're like nah.

Jordan: So what would you say would be the main influences when it comes to the writing and music for Good Doogs?

Asher: It would Definitely have to be 'WAVVES', Waaves is really up there, 'Cloud Nothings', So many Bands Man. 'Fidlar' of course, Mainly a lot of that California surf rock style, like 'Best Coast' Those are mainly the kind of vibes we go for.

Jordan: Now Whats with the Good Doogs Shitposting page that's been set up?

Asher: Oh (Laughs) We've got this fan in Perth who messaged us and asked if it was okay if he started a fan club and we thought it'd be pretty funny if it was just memes and stuff. So it was originally a fan club page and then a poll was created on whether it should turn into a meme page. (Laughs) We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Jordan: How important is it to you guys to have something like that where you can interact with the fans quite easily?

Asher: Oh It's F*cking awesome man. Its really funny Just them ripping the shit out of us, Keeps us really down to earth as well which is great. I think it's really important to be interacting with your fans. I feel like more bands should do something like that because it really brings everything closer and they will come to a show and We'll be like 'Hey I actually know you from the page or whatever' It's pretty funny.

Jordan: What would be the best meme of yourselves you've seen so Far?

Asher: Oh my favourite one is where they put me in a Wolverine Costume, That was pretty funny.

Asher's Fav >

Jordan: Now you've been smashing a pretty good tour across the country, How has that been?

Asher: Yeah it's actually been incredible man. We just finished our 4th national tour, and that went for a year and we've been touring pretty relentlessly, its been quite hectic but it's just been hard work man, and hard work pays off and its really starting to pay off now so we are stoked about that.

Jordan: What did you guys think of Adelaide and playing with TOWNS and DRESS CODE?

Asher: I love Towns, easily one of my favourite Australian bands, we played with them on our last tour and I wouldn't get anyone else to play with us in Adelaide, I love them so much, Most lovely people as well.

Jordan: I saw your spotify wrapped for the year and you've been listened to by people in 64 different countries, How does it feel to be in a band from little old Mandurah to now being listened to across the world?

Asher: Bit of spin out man (Laughs) It's so strange, Like I don't even know what countries that would be listening so it spins me out a lot, I cant even imagine, I feel like there's probably 4 people in each of those countries maybe. That's what it feels like to me. Jordan: Now it terms of the band as a whole can you kind of describe 2018 and what it was for you guys in a few words?

Asher: 2018 was hectic for us, ever since we put out 'Nothing to do' it was kinda Go from there we didn't realize how much that was going to take off so we've just been trying our best to back it up with every next thing that we do. 2018 was probably the best year of our lives to be honest.

Jordan: Now finally what can Australia and the world expect from Good Doogs in 2019?

Asher: Heaps of Songs, Heaps of touring and maybe a whole bunch of Shoeys (Laughs) You can catch Asher and the rest of the Doogs on January the 27th for the Hottest 100 Pool Party at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough!

Be sure to check out Good Doogs emu export posting on facebook for some quality banter and memes of the boys!

Sus their music!

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