Dodging elbows, chugging 4x bitter and throwing up prayers hands to VOIID.

Dodging elbows, chugging 4x bitter and throwing up prayers hands to VOIID.

This is how I would best describe my time enjoying what Brisbane had on show as I enjoyed a holiday in the State that has their own ‘Beegees Alley’ (Picture below featuring my mate Jarred)

I’ll spoil this now and tell you Brisbane had some damn good tunes playing for the few weekends I managed to make it to Valley’s best bars.

I can safely say New Year’s eve was marvelous, Some old mates and I ventured into what is known as ‘Tom Cat bar’ As soon as I entered this dwelling I instantly felt at home, Turning the corner we immediately recieved the musical Tastings of ‘Ban Solo’ an Indie rock band with a Brit pop/psychedelic vibe hailing from, Yep you guessed it. Brisbane. With Benjamin Solomon leading the vocals for the band, It was literally music to my ears, right?

2nd band on the bill and the one that would sing us into the new year were none other than ‘Salty lix’ a band I would see on another occasion and would keep the standard quite high, Electrifying everyone with originals and covers, Giving you a blues and rock fusion that hits you like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC Combined. Singing living on a prayer as the countdown hit with you boys will always be one of the best New Year’s eves I’ll ever have.

Alright this weekend was hazy I’ll be honest so bear with my full memory here okay.

Garlic Cheese Pizzas.

That’s the main thing I remember about this weekend. Oh, and the neck pain afterwards, that killed. It was a barmy Thursday night in the valley and I ventured in with my mate to see ‘Salty lix’ and ‘Caravan’ at ‘Ric’s bar’. Absolutely mind blowing, The vocals coming from the front-man for ‘Salty lix’ Chris, were out of this world, A true virtuoso. A big shout out to my home town friends Andrew, Kane and Ben from Caravan for putting on one hell of a final set. Gorgeous!

Friday night threw me into what really is Brisbane Gig life, Once again I roped in some of my mates and we headed to the world famous ‘Crowbar’, The venue definitely gave me a satanic, goat sacrificing vibe with the Red neon cross hanging above the room. Loved it. Heading downstairs I entered ‘The band room’ where we waited with bated breath for a band my mate and I have been listening to for a while now, none other than ‘Pandamic’ themselves. Before they hit us we were given the samplings of ‘Concrete Surfers’ and ‘Venice on fire’ two bands that have been rocking the scene quite hard recently, ‘Concrete Surfers’ who have supported the likes of ‘Royal Blood’ (UK) have been on an upward climb since and ‘Venice on Fire’ who hail from the regional town of ‘Toowoomba’ surprised me when they whipped out their fresh single ‘My friend Mal’ (Which I'm listening to as I write this) ‘Venice on fire’ will be at ‘The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl’ on the 16th of February, free entry, check em out!

There was a warm sensation and an air of anticipation when Pandamic picked up their instruments. With a new friend I met that night and one of my best old mates we squished into the front row and ‘Let our hair down’ as they say, The boys let us have it for a good 30-40 minutes or so. Ripping into a roaring set which combined aspects of Indie and punk rock, my perfect blend, they had us all in the clutches of their guitar pedals for the entire time as well and I can safely say they lived up to my Hype, Hailing from Rockhampton these fellas are in for a good future.

  • Also a quick shout out to the busker who we drunkenly huddled around after the gig, he was quite good.

  • Another shout out to ‘Whiteblanks’ who were set to headline the night but had to cancel

  • Final shout out of this night to the 5 foot young girl who received a concussion after a certain fella got a bit too rowdy in the mosh. It happens. You Queenslanders love throwing elbows.

Saturday night, my final night out is honestly up there in the box of Amazing gigs i’ve seen. Managing to wrangle a lift to the Valley from the Rural town I was staying in for my holiday (Shout out to Tyler for this one xx) We ventured to ‘The Foundry’ for this one, but not before wandering around China town looking for a feed, eventually settling on a Garlic Cheese Pizza from Domino's. I'm weak. Anyway, this gig was the epitome of Punk, Mohawks and Faux hawks, Leather and Denim Jackets galore. First up on this night were ‘Perve endings’ Brisbane locals who got me moving right away!

They have a fresh single that dropped recently ‘Good Boy’ Which you can check out right here:

After these beautiful girls (And guy) warmed us up we got to taste none other then ‘Dicklord’ A band that was disgusting, revolting and filled with Raw punk rock, An absolute pearler. When the lead singer donned a dildo police hat at the start of the set we knew we were in for one hell of a time and it was throughly enjoyed by all.

Now I do have footage of me throwing the prayer hands up to the girls known as ‘VOIID’ I wasn't joking about that, these ladies in black topped the entire night off, once again in the front row with a good mate I rocked out as the Girls hit us hard with their blend of punk and garage rock that had me banging my head the entire time. ‘VOIID’ are about to head on tour with a few other legends, check it out if its coming near you here:

Check out all the photos and videos I took over on our Instagram page

Besides a neck that stayed in pain for a week I was thoroughly surprised and proud of what Brisbane had on offer for me as I holidayed in the sun. The fact I can travel to the other side of the country and still get to see some amazing local bands warms my heart, Australia has a beautiful underground music scene and I am so glad I got to experience what another city has for us. Brisbane, Ya in safe hands, Tick of approval from this Adelaide boy, if it means anything?

Final shout out to Mr Quintin Low for pointing me in the right direction to find these gigs!

Check out all the photos and videos I took over on our Instagram page

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