What's A Drunkee Blunder Huh??

This year at Adelaide fringe 2019. Enter a world of music myths and legends ... Where film, Bands and friends come together to remember and celebrate some of the worlds best. Documentaries/bands that will leave you salivating for more. 8 iconic artist/bands, 8 nights of legendary lives. This Year Raw & Reel brings you Contagious Courtyard cinema that will f*ck with your music soul!

Amber flavored interpretations of songs from such artists as Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Johnny Thunders and Deadboys. They take 1970's New York style punk and the rock and Roll debauchery (Which they take very seriously) and turn it into what is Commonly referred to as 'The Drunkee Blunders'

Jordan: So Dick What's been new with the Drunkee Blunders ?

Dick: So we haven't been doing anything for the past 18 months or so but we got asked to do this show so I thought we'd better get back together again and do this. We do have a few originals that we gotta get recorded after this show, Just gotta get through fringe first. Most of the people in our band are in another band or two, I myself pretty much don't do much band stuff anymore, I just come out every now and again as I'm working on a feature film so I put all my effort into that, But the Drunkee Blunders have been called so let's do it, let's rock.

Jordan: Now what is your connection to Iggy Pop and The Stooges?

Dick: Oh I think and I can speak for the other members of the band here as well here, it just seems Iggys always been around hasn't he (Laughs) Well I discovered Iggy before I discovered any other punk rock, Once I saw him live at that first BIG DAY OUT at the Adelaide Uni or whatever all those years ago, Showing my age there (Laughs) I was completely blown away by him, And I've seen him at-least 3 times since then, And I'll probably head down to that Festival in Victoria and See him again because he is totally insane on stage and He's getting on in years now, probably as old as my dad but he still has the energy and HE'S STILL ALIVE, my god which is the biggest one isn't it, But our band, I think we do justice to him.

Jordan: How did Drunkee Blunders come about?

Dick: Well we we're all friends in different bands, Mainly all punk rock bands and garage bands around Adelaide and we've all been friends for years at that point. It came about when I was doing the booking for the Squatters arms hotel and I was in my other Band 'Kamikaze' and all the other guys were in bands too. One of our members is in about 3 or 4 different bands. Yeah but we just thought it would be a good Idea to have a band that wasn't serious like, not that it even exists anymore but events like 'Sound wave' and 'Big Day out' (RIP) But we don't care about going out there and promoting our original songs, we just want to have lots of fun, You know what I mean? Band practice is like a gig in itself for us because we just want to have fun and play some really good music.

Dick: First time the guitarist Pablo and I actually had a jam session just us before it was the Drunkee Blunders was at The Gaslight Tavern, And this is actually true, It was probably the first formation of the band. So with another guy called Mat we headed down to the Gaslight one night and they had open Mic So there I was doing a bad interpretation of 'I wanna be your dog' when while I was jumping across the the Bar singing and dancing I dived off or fell off the bar onto the table, Cut my leg open really bad and off to hospital I went and they all went off to a strip club!

Jordan: So how did Dick Dale find his way into the Punk and Rock scenes?

Dick: Oh my god well For myself it would be a different story to the rest of the band, I'm older then them too. I'm from Central Queensland, Rock Hampton, I lived in a town where there was only like AM Radio and 2 Television Channels, So it was really hard but I did discover punk rock. A friend of mine at school made and brought a sex pistols tape one day, I'm like "What the fuck is this man this is awesome!" And then luckily although I can't remember what show it was, Might of been rock arena which was a show on the ABC late at night and I was lucky enough to see some clips of the Sex Pistols just coincidentally sometime and that's how I also discovered other bands such as The Clash, The Ramones and got to see a lot of that stuff. At the time there was even a FANzine called 'Punk Lives' Magazine from England that, amazingly, was at the local news agents in this little country town and through that I discovered a lot of other bands like 'Dead Kennedys' and other English Punk bands which is what I was into first and then that developed into American stuff a bit later and the Hardcore scene/New York style, I love all the stuff around CB-GB's. I just love the dirt, the grime, the seediness and stuff, That's what attracts me. Now I am older and wiser now too so there's chance of me picking up and of those Habits a lot of those bands had back then which was so self destructive, I'm totally against that although I love singing about it! (Laughs)

Jordan: What Helped you avoid those areas of the scene?

Dick: Ah man I think It's pretty obvious to me when your heroes start dying from Heroin overdoses that you well, I didn't see the romantic side to it. A lot of other friends did and a lot of other friends aren't here today. But I didn't see the romantic side to it, Especially after Sid Vicious died (Sex Pistols) it was pretty obvious I didn't want to get into that shit. Maybe I was a bit scared to as well I'll admit that but Hey! Im not worried about that now, now i'm pretty happy about it. But yeah I have a lot of Dead friends now, it hit Brisbane hard in the 80's. I was actually going to move to Melbourne around that time but a few of my friends were around that so I uhmed about it and eventually moved to Adelaide.

You Can catch Dick performing with ‘Drunkee Blunders’ on the 19th of this Month at the libertine by Louis. Link to the event at the start of this article!!

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