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Recently we had the blessing of having a chat with the legendary Julian Ferguson better known as the baritone ukulele player in the Ukulele Death Squad, now a global sensation that have an incredibly diverse range of music with a huge sound for such tiny little instruments. With a busy Fringe season in full force we see what the lads have been up to and have coming up.

Aus: Hey man great to have you here for a chat how you doing?

J: Great, it's happy days. The Fringe is here!

You have a lot of stuff coming up at the moment man, tell me what you're up to this weekend!

J: For anyone who loves or hates uke’s it’s going to be a pretty fun day this Sunday. We’ve booked out the Carclew House and grounds in North Adelaide for the cities first ever ukulele dedicated music festival, we’ve got a huge list of awesome bands performing, and everyone is invited to bring there ukuleles down and we've made the whole event stupid kid friendly too. At the Fringe we noticed there’s always lots of stuff for adults to go and do but not a heap of stuff for kids to do so we did what we felt was right.

Good on you guys man, it seems like a great idea!

Yeah and it’s a different, it’s a bit like when you go to a music festival, and when you go to Womad too, you notice that there is so much for the kids to do, and the adults are having a great time with the music too. And we noticed ukuleles are becoming really popular with school kids as well. When one of the guys in the band is Irish and he notices that in Ireland it used to be the tin whistle that was the general instrument of choice, and now it is actually the ukulele that is the national instrument in Ireland, and now we are starting to see this sort of school that are giving uke lessons to kids as well. It’s all so much, it's sort of like, it’s gone from the instrument of the retiree and sort of jumped a couple of generations and now you’ve got Vance Joy for example that started to play in Australia that absolutely went nuts overseas and now you’ve got kids that are taking it up too so we thought we would cover all the bases, that we would get the young kids indoctrinated early!


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