NSW's Police are trendsetting with 'DADCORE'

Secret Garden Festival came to an end this past weekend after 11 years of bringing communities together and raising tremendous amounts of funds for a whole host of charities! Although they went out with a bang that's not what the internet seems to be focusing on.

A picture has emerged of what looks like 5 Dads and a lone Mum taking a stroll while doing some bird watching, but if you look closely around their waists it's clear these aren't your typical Boomers out for a nice trek. Some have even gone as far to call this look 'Dadcore'

This of course comes amid the extreme backlash and uproar that is currently circulating The Australian Music industry and more importantly the NSW's festival scene due to the governmental policies of the Gladys Berejiklian cabinet.

Organizers of the Festival have expressed sadness at the lost of such an amazing event but were quoted as saying they 'May appear in some other form in the future' and that they are proud of what they have accomplished in the past 11 years.

They went on to say "We started Secret Garden Festival because we desperately wanted a different kind of festival experience. A festival less about headlines and irritable crowds, and more about getting together a community of Good people, in over-the-top costumes and creating a world where patrons participate rather then just spectate"

Unfortunately the 'Over-the-top costumes' don't extend to the 'Undercover cops'. I personally would be far less sketched out by Police dogs if they glittered them up and put them in drag. Anyway, here's to the new fashion trend, 'Dadcore'. Western Society is truly at a declining point.

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