Briggs Scoring Big With His Own BBC 1 Radio Show - Aussie Hip-Hop Getting International Recognition

Australian Hip-Hop has been given the international treatment with the news that Rapper, Briggs, has scored his own BBC 1 radio show that he says is "Dedicated to showcasing Australian Hip-hop and Spotlighting local artists to Apple Music's 50 million subscribers in over 115 countries."

Briggs definitely isn't dry for talent to showcase to the world, with recent success from Rappers such as 'Manu Crooks' and 'ChillinIt', Manu Crooks with the release of his single 'Best Years' and his performance at 'Spilt Milk', both in 2018, and ChillinIt who has just released his debut album which has caused a drastic increase in his fan-base, many from overseas already.

Along with the new BBC 1 show, Briggs was recently credited as a writer on The Simpson's creator Matt Groening's latest cartoon, Disenchantment, Which just goes to show you how much of an impact The A.B Original Star is making overseas.

Over all it seems like 2019 is going to be one mad year for Briggs and Australian Hip-hop

You can catch Briggs' new show 'The New Australia' 4am Sydney Time or anytime on Apple Music.


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