South Australia Gets Heavy: The Dirty Pagans

Heavy S.A. Fest is hitting the Lion Arts Factory on the 27th of this Month! In celebration of that we are catching up with a few of the awesome bands that will be gracing the stage this year!

While busy with other things, vocalist for The Dirty Pagans, Matty, agreed to talk with us about Heavy SA, upcoming events for his band and what the rest of the year will look like for the band. Here are the highlights from the interview. 

E: Okay, so I hear the Dirty Pagans are playing in Heavy SA on the 27th.Would you mind telling me how you got your start in music?

M: I’ve played music since I was fourteen, I fell in love with metal when I heard Iron Maiden’s Flash of the Blade. That riff totally sucked me in and I’ve been a junkie for metal ever since. I started playing guitar from about thirteen/fourteen years old. Started playing in school bands, and I was too scared to sing at school, and then one – it’s called [Athon Day], pretty much like an events day – the whole school was chanting for me to sing and I had to sing on the spot and that’s how I became a singer, essentially. Then I joined bands when I was eighteen and they fell apart, then I created the Dirty pagans and now we’re here.

E: Nice, okay. What are your main music inspirations?

M: For me, I have- obviously I play a Tony Iomi signature [guitar] so Black Sabbath is huge for me. I like Wasp, I like a lot of 80s metal, I like a lot or Rock ‘n Roll. I dabble in 90s- Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins; things like that. I’m not down to decades or anything like that. If I like it, I like it.

E: Alright, nice. What are some of your favourite Aussie artists?

M: I’m a pretty big sucker for Australian pub rock. If you get me in a bar with a jukebox and it’s blasting out songs that I probably won’t listen to in my own time, but if I’m hearing Chisel or things like that. Bands that I really like are like Icehouse, The Angels. I went and saw the Radiators last week. I just really like Aussie pub rock.

E: How has 2019 looked for the Dirty Pagans so far?

M: It’s been a bit slow at the moment and that’s probably my own fault. I’ve actually moved to Sydney to do a cadet-ship as a journalist. So I have to fly back and flying can be expensive so I try and get there each month and we jam and write, but we’re recording an album – that they’ve started recording – this week. The tracking and guitars and drums have just been done. I’m flying over for Heavy SA next week and then spending a week and a half in Adelaide, we’ll be in the studio the Monday after Heavy SA. So I’ll be laying guitars down with Greg and yeah we’ll go on from there. So we’re recording an album, hopefully middle and final of 2019 will be a lot busier for us.

E: Awesome. What can we expect for the future of Dirty Pagans?

M: We got a couple of pretty cool shows lined up. Once we finish the album, getting videos, doing promo stuff, get it all right, then we’ll probably start looking at a tour. Hopefully.

E: Nice. Have you chosen a specific set list to play for Heavy SA?

M: So I’ll be flying in on the Friday, the day before it. I get in pretty late so we’ll be jamming late. Last time I was here we did have a set but knowing us, we’ll probably go “why don’t we play this?” on the night so pretty up in the air at the moment but we do have an idea of what we’ll be playing.

E: What’s your favourite song to play live?

M: I actually really like the songs James plays, like he makes really good songs. So I really like I think James has a great voice, I’d love for him to use it even more and he’s getting more confident with it. It’s very Rob Halford, so that’s why I love it so much. Yeah, so pretty much all of James’ songs, and it’s great because the album – everyone’s pretty much contributed a song. I really enjoyed playing music because I get to work with very talented people in my band.

E: Do you guys have any pre-concert/show things you do as a band?

M: [Laughs] Probably drinking. We do like to drink. We’re very different – four different people with four different music tastes in a band, it’s very odd. I’m a very 80s/showman person. James is into different types of music- like he’ll pull up to band prep listening to Opera. Greg and Jarrad are into heavy metal. We usually get together and have beers, listen to some tunes, absolutely give each other shit and tear down each others confidence and get into it. Only in joking ways and all banter.

Check out their bandcamp and facebook pages below, and be sure to check out Heavy S.A. Fest on the 27th at Lion Arts Factory to see the lads live!

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