Deadlock have risen for HeavySA Fest!

Adelaide aficionados of heavy metal ‘Deadlock’ will be getting the ol’ gang back together this April 27th for Heavy S.A. Fest 2019. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of their album ‘Suits of Rule,’ the show will furthermore serve as a reunion for the band’s current lineup, who have not shared the stage since 1995. In preparation for their return, I reached out to Deadlock member James Hourigan to chat about Heavy S.A. and the changes he’s noticed in the Adelaide metal scene, 25 years after Deadlock’s debut. NOTE: Deadlock’s manager (listed on Facebook as Satan) was unavailable to join us for this deadly discussion, but James says,“He’s a very busy person, so I’m happy to deputise when I can.” Big thanks to James for stepping up to the plate and welcome to the Australian Underground. *** A lot has changed since the release of ‘Suit of Rules’ but Deadlock are excited for their upcoming gig. “It’s really fun to play these songs again which haven’t been played for a long time,” says James. The band has been largely inactive since they last played shows in the early 2000s, but are keen to share their music with new audiences both at the gig and online, with James adding, “It’s good to do it again and have people that didn’t get the chance to see it back then be able to see it.” Talking about the reunion, James cites Heavy S.A. as the “perfect place to play,” and it’s easy to see why when you consider the smorgasbord of South Australian talent that will be performing on the day. “We’ve known Jason North [the organiser of Heavy S.A. Fest] for a long time, and he asked [us to play] before we could ask him, so it’s all worked out really well,” says James. When asked about how the Adelaide metal scene has changed in the past 25 years, James adds, “It’s much better. There’s guys like Jason putting on events like Heavy S.A. for one. The sense of bands working together and putting on things together is way way better than it was back then and I think there’s a few reasons for that. It’s easier to get in contact with people. You’ve got great facilities to be able to get in contact with people and say ‘hey let’s do this’ and everyone should take advantage of it.” Offering advice to newcomers to the music biz, especially in this internet age, James says, “There’s no excuse. There are so many avenues for you to release music and it’s so easy and cost effective for you to record music… If your music is good people will hear it.” For anyone without tickets to Heavy S.A. James says “good luck” as there aren’t many left, but don’t fret yet just yet - check out the Heavy S.A. Fest Facebook page as some bands set to play still have tickets available. As James puts it, “If you haven’t been to Heavy S.A. before, it is an amazing day,” so, metalheads, scurry in while you’ve got the chance and catch Deadlock live for the first time in a long time (fingers crossed it’s not the last). HEAVY S.A. 2019 Saturday April 27th Lion Arts Factory 68 Nth Terrace, Adelaide Licensed All Ages (ID required to drink alcohol)

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