Til next time, sayonara Burnside Mums.

It’s been an interesting journey for Burnside Mums, but for now it ends here. No, they weren't run out of town by Burnside Village, who share their iconic logo, but instead are moving on to focus on other exciting things. I caught up with Jason, Jess and Ricky from the band to chat about the final stand of the much loved Burnside Mums. From humble beginnings in 2015, the band has kicked goals over the past four years, going as far as to support Jet and The Living End at the recent 2019 Superloop Adelaide 500. So it’s a surprise to hear that founding member Jason Katsaras had “no fucking clue what he was doing” when starting the band, crediting former Burnside Mums Dylan and Levi Cooper for schooling him in all things music. Their sound has changed since those early days, but has remained a unique take on punk rock for paranoid fools, and will be missed by the Adelaide scene. Talking about the split, Ricky says it was “a long time coming.” But it’s hard to call it quits when you’re getting good gigs, and Burnside Mums have played some bloody great ones. From playing residency shows at the Grace Emily to winning the Music SA “Beer and Band Competition” and opening the main stage at the Beer and BBQ Festival, they have achieved much in the past few years. In March this year they reached dizzying heights when they opened for Jet and The Living End after winning yet another competition, which Jason applied for “thinking we just wouldn’t get it,” says Ricky. But alas, they did (are we really surprised?) and as Jess puts it, decided that they “better stick around for one more.” Luckily for us, they decided to stick around for one more after that, calling last drinks on the 18th of April 2019. Their final show was held at the Hotel Metro, and was a return to their roots for Burnside Mums. “It’s a bit more down to earth. A bit more our style,” says Jason. Supported by former Burnside Mum Dylan Cooper of ‘No Oaths’ and the long dormant and sorely missed ‘Goonbomb,’ the show promised to be a good one, albeit a sad one, as Ricky revealed this would also be the “proper last gig” for Goonbomb. Unlike many bands, Burnside Mums is ending on good terms and so it isn’t out of the question that we may hear from them again. “A lot of bands sometimes have trouble with inner circles fighting or somebody being a dickhead,” says Jason, but that’s not the case for these guys. “We all love each other,” says Ricky. “We all love each other. We’re all in bands with each other still,” adds Jess. As Jason puts it, “It’s kind of like Burnside Mums has just spread out into other things.” Adelaide will miss Burnside Mums, for more than just their cheeky name, but it is heartening to know we can still catch them in action working on other projects. “Keep your bloody eye on ‘Ricky Albeck and the Belair Line Band,” says Jess. “They’re my favourite band in Adelaide,” adds Jason, a sentiment that Jess shares, stating, “Mine too, even before I was in it.” It’s also definitely worth your while catching Jess and Jason in ‘Dead Roo.’ Check out the links down below and support your bloody local. Til next time, sayonara Burnside Mums. 

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