Towns Break Out of The Box With New Single ‘Safe to Stay’

Staying low key up until this point, local boys TOWNS have heard the cries of the masses and blessed us with the trifecta of what fans crave the most, New music, A new music video, and a national tour! (Supporting Dear Seattle) I caught up with Aston, Vocalist and guitarist for TOWNS to chat about the new music video which was Filmed locally around Adelaide, and I’ll be the first to say the boys have stepped up even more this time as they have continued the 90’s nostalgia, vibe train with this latest music video. Filmed and produced by local Adelaidians Rory Pippan and Nikita Kimiye it depicts the boys going through numerous uncomfortable situations, makeup being applied, being stuck inside a literal box and overall being treated as if they were on a movie set until they are finally free, riding a moped into the sun, relating, as Aston said “We’ve never really wanted to be stuck in a box or anything like that, we kinda just do what ever we like really, without being disrespectful aha” Although as Aston continues, the box metaphor turns out to be sort of an accident saying “It kinda happened that way unnaturally as we were building, because we actually built the whole set in Henson Studios. It took us a whole day to paint it and assemble it and then we were like hey this is kinda cool and it came naturally that metaphor” I did get a hint on where the next music videos could be located. “I’ve always wanted to film on public transport or on a plane, a virgin plane, I know that’d be hard but that would be so sick to film a video that high in the sky, but I mean that’s end goal (laughs) I don’t know where our next video would be” Triple J described TOWNS style as “90s inspired skate/indie rock” but as Aston puts it “Sometimes people describe so differently with every song and every song I think at the moment is very different. Maybe for that song yes but I’m not sure if that genre will carry over to the rest of the year but okay. It’s sorta super natural when Dan and I write together and we write stuff that we just genuinely think sounds cool and at the time that song (Safe to Stay) sounded cool so it became a song” 2019 is going to be spicy for TOWNS as Aston continues “So after the Dear Seattle tour we’ll probably have a new single ready, we’ll be doing some recording in Melbourne while we’re out, probably do some dates of our own and bring some friends along. Another single by then and basically album recording for the rest of the year” I hope you are very much as proud of Aston and Dan as I am. They are killing it! If you want to see them on the Dear Seattle tour tickets are still available in some locations! Don’t forget to sus out the new music video as well! Links below! Share this will ya 😉 

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