'Twas the 6th of June on a cold and bitter night in the City of Churches, With baited breath they waited in line At the Lion Arts Factory, hands in pockets, hopping from one foot to another eagerly awaiting the nod of approval from the big bald seccy, It would only be a matter of time until they were all sweating from head to toe anyway. As fast as they could they were up the stairs to grab their stamp, their first drink and to stand and chat while bopping their heads to the Skegss music playing over the speakers. It was an eerie calm that all changed when they opened those big bay doors to the main stage and that's when it happened..

Alright now I may be young but I’m no stranger to a good mosh and I would have to say that Thursday's show had one hell of a mosh, Maybe it was the fact that everyone wanted to warm up quick or maybe it was all the underage kids, due to it being an all ages show. I do hear quite regularly that those AA and Under Age shows go hard and now I have living proof.

The Good Doogs show started off with an opener from Adelaide's very own Dress Code (Who will be at 'Scouted' July 26th) when they exploded onto the stage to bring us that fast melodic, Dream-pop sound that they have wowed adelaide with since their inception last year!, they went from Strength to Strength, closing up with their single, and the one they just recently released a new video for 'Caffeine' which I happily sung along too while swaying between my friends.

You can sus that new video right here btw ;)

After Dress Code set the scene along came Seaside, Byron Bay locals who brought their beautiful Byron Bay 'Sultry' Dream Pop sound to our fair city, although I heard good things, it was at this point in the evening however that I decided to follow my cousin and his friend so they could get Cash out for the Good Doogs branded hoodies while riding a scooter and dodging some boys in blue. (They were quite good Hoodies btw) We got back in time to catch the last of their set which I was in love with. Byron producing the goods and definitely a band I'll be making sure I see in full next time!

They Released a new single last month which you can listen to right here!

Now if you are privy to the boys from Good Doogs Instagram's then you may have witnessed a certain 'Golden Shower' the boys seemed to be gifting each other, A pre show ritual? If it was it sure did work because, my lord, did they burst onto the stage with as much energy as a pack of Horny Hyenas! Wearing adult diapers they Hit us with all our favs 'Tried my Best' 'Blue Skies and Wet Dreams' and of course some of their latest singles 'How I feel' and 'Nobody/Alone' not to mention they whipped out a couple of newies for us which I really tried to pay attention to as I was swallowed, regurgitated and then swallowed again by the crowd and the mosh but they exhibited the classic Good Doogs sound we all have come to love in the short time they've been on the scene

Did I mention they were wearing Adult Diapers during their whole set?

They finished their show to a thunderous applause with chants of 'Encore' that could probably be clearly heard from 1km away at the train station! They re-Burst back onto the stage diapers and all with Asher giving a big 'F*CK YOU' to everyone who left before they came back, and I would have to agree because that one last song topped the evening off and after that i'm sure the Lads from Mandurah left a damn nice impression on the people of Adelaide, See you next time lads, the pleasure was all ours...

Photographed by Marty Lee!

With Extra photos from Ashleigh Apples For Seaside!

And Dress Code photos courtesy of Skye Sampson!

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