BREAKING Crown and Anchor Reportedly Burnt Down! (Clowns Review)

Photography by Skye Sampson

Well, Maybe not in a physical sense but metaphorically? I would say Clowns left one hell of a scorch mark on Grenfell street on the 21st.

It was another one of those bitter nights in Adelaide but that didn’t stop the loyal punks crowding into the Crown and Anchor to warm up with a couple of our local legends and of course, Private Function and Clowns.

Opening the Night were Teenage Joan’s, A brilliant 2 piece band, who with the help of 'Girls Rock Adelaide', are fast becoming one of the best female bands around, bringing young, fiery, punk RAWK energy to every show they have played recently. They certainly lived up to the reputation they are fast gaining as they warmed everyone right up and kicked the night off just right.

Colourblind embraced the crowd like a warm hug from Nanna to get them ready for the mayhem of Private Function. Under new agency the band is gaining increased popularity recently but, on the night, they captured the crowd with melodic tunes that got stuck in your head from the get-go. The crowd just kept pouring in. Some people discovering them for the first time, while others already fans. They won hearts over as they warmed the crowd up for Private function.

They will be playing at 'A day of Clarity' later this year along with Clowns and Teenage Joan’s.

Private Function were a rowdy bunch, Bringing true punk passion to the small stage, but they certainly treated it like they were playing Wembley!, from jumping into the crowd, to crowd surfing to even getting a thumb up the bum (yep you read that right, pictures coming in our GIG GALLERY soon for proof). PF, Although not the headliner, Certainly left a Damn good impression on the people of Adelaide.

Clowns were going to have to play hard to beat the performance PF left for us. The Melbourne based band blew minds with their style of punk, The feel of that old school but with hints of the 21st Century. Playing new songs from their latest album 'nature/nurture', the crowd loved them, Singing along to almost every word they could. With crowd surfing at an all-time high the singer, Stevie, jumped into the Mosh and Started going crazy with the crowd. With chaotic verses and catchy chorus’, it’s everything a punk band should be. Adelaide felt like they had left the cold behind and were now in the depths of the steaming hot band room of The Crown and Anchor. Wearing his signature red bandana (Stevie) on his head it fell off and quickly turned into a blindfold before he became even rowdier and jumped into the crowd again. Stevie also helped to break up a fight and keep the peace while still singing, A true man of many talents.

My Love for the band increased when I was introduced to them after the show, you can see how much music drives them And how much passion they have! Many still with ears ringing I’m sure they all enjoyed themselves much as I did and I hope the hype will continue to live on as Clowns continue to sell out shows.

Of course, you can catch Clowns, Teenage Joans and Colourblind all playing at A day Of Clarity on August 10th here in Adelaide!

See ya next time lads!

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