(SINGLE REVIEW) Perve Endings Drop New Soul Filled Track 'Hey Sister'

Brisbane indie-punk outfit 'Perve Endings' have been going from strength to strength this past year and last. Playing incredible shows alongside acts such as 'Mini Skirt' 'Dumb Punts' and 'VOIID' among others. Since seeing them play alongside 'VOIID' in the holidays these girls (And Guy) have been one of my favourite Brisbane acts, their two singles 'Good Boy' and 'Peaked in high school' have been played on high rotation in my house and today they have given us a new single 'Hey Sister' which will join the high rotation. 'Hey Sister' is a soul inspired single that is a slight departure from their previous tracks, which is not always a bad thing as 'Hey Sister' is a progression from their previous style into a more mature and meticulous choice of song writing.

A badly taken photo of mine from Perve Endings 'Sludge Sessions' show with VOIID

Perve Endings are unique in the fact that they harness the song writing and musical prowess of every member of the band which causes the songs to have more life and emphasis, a detail you can pick up on this new song! In her own words Bassist and vocalist Tess said the song was written during a case of the booze blues, Too many hangovers and excuses for bad behaviour. The combined power of everyones vocals during the song bring the song to another level. Something you would expect to be written by seasoned musicians but has been masterful created by a bunch of punks in Brisbane!

Tess went on to describe the song to me as “A song about the times you kind of let your life go a bit and trying to get out of that spiral”

Raise your hand, who’s been there before??

‘Hey Sister’ Dropped today (July 4th) and you can have a listen Here!

The launch for the new single takes place at the Foundry in Brisbane on July 11th!

Check it out here!

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