Meet Adelaide's 'Broken Waves'

Adelaide four-piece ‘Broken Waves’ are gearing up for the launch of their new single ‘Homesick,’ which will take place next month (10th of August) at the recently revitalised UniBar.

Describing themselves as a blend of indie pop and rock, and definitely “not a surf-rock band,” the boys draw influence from the English indie rock scene, including bands such as ‘Foals’ and ‘Everything Everything.’ Speaking of their sound, rhythm guitarist Declan says the group focuses on, “A bit more of the cleaner tones rather than the kind of grungier sound that’s going around at the moment.”

Their tracks are written with an air of maturity that seems surprising when you consider that the band formed just three years ago when members Ben (vocals, bass), Will (lead guitar), Declan (rhythm guitar) and Chris (drums) were still in school. Starting as a solo project, Broken Waves became fully fledged over the course of 2017 and now boast an impressive catalogue of original music, so much so that they manage to play a different set most gigs. As a testament to their hard work and the road they’ve travelled so far, they laugh when Will recalls Chris joining the band and, “Playing with mini drums to start with.”

Regarding their creative process, chief lyricist and vocalist/bassist Ben says, “Usually I start with the chord progression and the basic, simpler ideas. Once I’ve got a bunch of ideas, I then take all of the raw material to these two [Will and Declan] and we see if we can hone it into something a bit more coherent all together. Also, I usually leave the lead parts free for Will to do whatever he does... work his magic.”

Due to their age, Broken Waves have previously been limited in the venues available for them to play, cutting their teeth on small festivals catering to younger audiences and artists. 2019, however, will be a coming of age for the group, with a whole host of material set to be recorded and released, starting with their new single ‘Homesick.’ You’ll be able to stream ‘Homesick’ from the 20th of July, and in the meantime can catch a sneak peak on the Broken Waves Facebook page.

The track was recorded at Wizard Tone Studios and hopefully will not be the last we hear from the band this year as they’re currently cooking up their first EP. “We’re very much perfectionists. We don’t like recording until we know that we can really pull it off well. Otherwise we feel like we’ve wasted the song,” says Ben.

Having recently played at the Golden Wattle with Adelaide acts ‘The Max Headroom’ and ‘Velvet Void,’ Broken Waves is keen to keep up the momentum, especially now that school is out and they are free to focus more on their musical endeavours. “[We’re] excited now that we’re all a lot freer and better at what we’re doing to get out there more,” says Declan.

And I’ll give you a hot tip Adelaide... you should be excited too.

You can check Broken Waves out on Facebook and Instagram (@brokenwaves_band), and most importantly find their tunes on Spotify, YouTube and triple j unearthed.

Furthermore, you can support the band by getting your arse down to the Adelaide Unibar this August 10th. Catch ya there.

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