The Chats Teach Us About Internet Safety With New Music Video For 'Identity Theft'

The Sunny Coast's Favourite Sons, The Chats have just dropped a bundle of goodness for everyone. Not only have they just dropped a new single and music video but an accompanying national tour is in the works to celebrate the new single.

Taking a some what more serious tone with this new single which is called 'Identity Theft' the lads delve into a story about Fronman Eamon's journey into buying 'Pingas' online but then becoming the victim of Identity Theft.

A truly cautious tale sung in their usual style, The Chats chose a type of Vapor wave style for this music video which fits very well with the overall internet style of this new Video and track.

Opening with that familiar bass line we have come to associate with the Chats sound, the song continues into front man Eamon telling us about his time using ‘Pinga Search’ on the internet and having his identity stolen and being framed for many crimes. Whether this is based on a true story he has experienced, or he is just regaling us with a catchy song, we will never know (Until we get the lads in for an interview)

The Video ends with Eamon waking up, His journey seemingly a dream and receiving his much beloved pingas from a knock on the door.

A truly educational adventure I hope that everyone takes a bit of life advice from the lads, get yourself a VPN and protect you online data.

This has been another educational lesson presented to you by The Chats and The Australian Underground. Enjoy the video above and make sure you pick up a ticket to the lads show. Details below!

On that note of beloved Australian Punk bands, have you seen the latest episode of our music interview series Tasty Tunes?

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