(Gig Review) A Taste Of Scouted 2019

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

On the weekend Music S.A. presented to us their yearly local music round-up, Scouted. This year the event was held across 4 different venues, Sugar, The Crown and Anchor, The Exeter Beer Garden and The Stag Public House. The latter being the place we checked out first which had Towns opening the night for us. The Crown and Anchor had 'Afro Roots Funk' band, Local Revolution open the show at the same time at 6:10 Pm (The entire night continuing on until 10:00pm) This turned out to be a more interesting choice as I'll explain in a minute.

As we arrived to The Stag we Immidiately we're caught by the magic of Mr Daniel Steinert starting up his drumming, the acoustics of the venue allowing us to hear him clearly even as we were outside. Having a bit of trouble at the door on our way up we had to struggle to get close to the stage, I didn't have the heart to bump all the 'Artsy' Kids with their red wine in hand, although Marty did, and managed to get onto the platform to the right of the stage where there was quite a good vantage point to take photos, which was very handy because Towns were already mid-explosion into a frantic and passionate set. Aston only arriving back in Adelaide less then an hour earlier mind you and the lads rushing to get their gear all set up.

Towns electrified the audience with all our favourties but I believe the key to the set was their increasingly popular 'Sitcom Theme Song Medley' that they have been adding to their sets, most, If not all of the time. They started this one with 'Malcom in the Middle', 'Daria','Friends','Freaks and Geeks', and 'The OC', With each recieving a full choir-like treatment from the crowd. A truly beautiful showcase of man's ability to remember Somewhat 'Niche' cartoons and sitcoms from yester year. And yes it was as corny as it was enthralling.

After this they continued on and performed 'Safe to Stay' Which has quickly become an infectious song since they released it back in April, I was in the middle of the crowd as the song started and it was a site to be there with almost the entire crowd singing along.

Now I mentioned before that attending the Towns gig turned out to be the more 'Interesting' Choice. Well as soon the set was finished Dan was already onto his next project. Busting out an electric Razor, Dan headed downstairs and started offering hair cuts to anyone withing a 10 foot radius. Some took him up on the offer, Including myself and local Hip-Hop artist Oc3an Eyes.

Yes, I recieved the full undercut. Dan only had a size 0 blade so... Yeah, My Dad called me up as soon as he saw it and questioned me too. Needed a hair cut anyway. Very breezy now.

Hip-Hop act Oc3an Eyes also recieved a bit of a trim, and we would go on to see her perform later in the night. But first we we're off to catch Alt rock band Glowing, fronted by fellow Adelaide act, Colourblind's Front man, Finn Cameron.

This is the first time I managed to catch them play and although they had clearly been rushed, as they were still tuning and getting the sound right halfway into their first song, they soon showed me they were a band worth following. Marty and I soon pushed our way to the front and joined the already packed crowd at The Crown and Anchor, Glowing soon launched into an unexpectedly raw and fast, show. The band's studio recordings do not give them justice to how much energy they bring to their live performances.

After Glowing showed me the reason we should make live albums a thing again, we checked out and headed over to Sugar to catch Hip-Hop Artist Oc3an Eyes, Aka, Shari. We managed to get in the door and all the way up to stairs into the club to catch Shari setting up, I had a chat with her as she was doing that. Her hype man, Fellow local Rapper Osman De Faris was running a little late so I did my best to help pump Shari up but I doubt this rising star needed any of my help because as soon as she started her set the venue started packing and soon She had an entire crowd of loyal followers dancing to her songs. It took a while before the 'Official Photographers' finally entered the building. Maybe they were waiting to hear if this act would blow up, and she blew up alright. Oc3an Eyes ended her set with a 2nd rendition of her hit song Frozen Coke, Already a song that everyone is signing along too!

It was at this point when the old middle aged cougars started giving me naughty lookes that we decided to depart. Heading downstairs we grabbed a festival poster off the wall and made our way into the night, Another beautiful music event that showcased such amazing talent as well as show us how spoilt we are in this state.

Music S.A. outdoing themselves and although organisation seemed lacking it was still a night that made us content with having to brave the stupidly cold nights we are getting in Adelaide. We will be dropping our event video for Scouted soon so stay tuned.

Big shout out to all the bands that played and we missed, wish we could of covered you all but alas, Very small team. Of course if you want to help us grow and gain the ability to cover every detail, be a gem and share this Article around, let people know that music journalism for the Underground is here ;)

Untill Next time. Sus the artist's music below. Eyes

Photography, Lovelingly taken by Marty Lee.

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