Meet Adelaide's Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides, are an Adelaide based 'Genre Breaking' indie rock band. Founded by brothers, Will and Frankie, who both started playing music at a very young age and Moved to Australia about 10 years ago. Frankie met now bassist, Lawson, at primary school, Quickly becoming best friends. They later formed Choosing Sides and have just recently picked up new guitarist, Michael. They have quickly become rising stars within the S.A. music community. For this piece in our 'Introduction' series I sat down with Front man Will Wright to get the jist on who Choosing sides are.

Since their formation in 2016 they have released 2 EP's including a handful of Singles. Their most popular single to date 'Titus Oates', Released earlier this year, has now recieved an overall combined total of 80,000 plays across all their streaming platforms! Not a bad feat in my opinion. Their follow up single 'The Clouds' has also seen an instant popular rise, they filmed a music video which you can check out here!

"The idea for the video of The Clouds came after visiting the Flinders Uni Tonsley campus (which is essentially an old abandoned car factory) to catch up with a lecturer and as I was leaving, there was the most insane sunset which shot through the open sides of the building. It just looked unreal so we knew we had to form a video around it and include it around our original idea of painting in the rain (hence the name “clouds”)" Says frontman Will Wright.

He conntinued on to say "The clouds has a ska inspired rhythm to it whilst still grasping those indie rock sounding roots which a lot of our songs have. We wanted to make a fun, upbeat “danceable” song which still had a deep meaning behind it that could be enjoyed on several levels"

The lads certainly have had one hell of a past year but you wont catch them sitting on their arses. Now becoming a regular act you can catch in the city, the boys are gaining more and more gigging credentials every day, Playing atleast 2-3 gigs per month their live sound is almost as good as their video making skills now!

On what's next for the band Will continues, "The next step for Choosing Sides is to go back into the writing zone and create something which is on a whole new level to anything we’ve done in the past. We really want to wow people with our next release and I’m sure with the right work ethic this will be the case!"

Something makes me think people will be genuienly 'Wowed' with their next releases! If you're already enthralled by what the boys have to offer you can catch them tomorrow night at The Crown and Anchor performing with 'Dont Bring Stacey' and 'Ghost Thread'. Their first gig since returning from a cheeky Euro trip. Sus the event page below!

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