45 year old punks, Shawn Mendez and a Bouncer playing Guitar - Grinspoon/Adelaide

If I can survive a mosh full of 'slightly' inebriated 40-50-year-old punks then I can survive anything..

Photos by Skye Sampon

Words by Jordan Fauth

The Iconic punk outfit Grinspoon came to town over the weekend and shook up the Adelaide Entertainment complex just a touch, it definitely wasn't the horde of teenage girls seeing Shawn Mendez next door I can assure you which, before we jump in I just want to say what a sight that was, seeing all these 14-year-old girls (And their boyfriends) lining up next to a bunch of 40 year old punks waiting to see Grinspoon.

I attended this night with my lovely photographer friend Skye Sampson who is providing photos for this article and we were both surprised that all of the members of Grinners can still pack a punch, Frontman Phil racing all over the stage and across the room to play on the backstage during a couple of slower songs later in their set, A truly passionate man who you could tell was loving what he was doing even though Adelaide was a later show in their tour.

The Supports they chose to bring along on this 'Chemical Hearts' tour were none other than hometown heroes The Hard Aches, who belted out one hell of a set, frontman Ben Davids bringing out his younger sister 'Charlotte' to help with a rendition of their track 'Happy', personally one of my favourites and what I honestly thought was a beautifully performed song, first time hearing it live for me and I would say the addition of Charlotte to the song made it that much greater to me.

Bugs and The Gooch Palms had also been with Grinspoon for the entire tour and although they were clearly a little less known to the aging crowd they still performed with all the energy and charisma of a packed out Sydney show. The Gooch Palms Guitarist Leroy choosing to pass his guitar over (Mid Song) to one of the seccies minding the barricade and no, it did not turn out that the Man knew how to play a single note so no amazing shred videos for this one, maybe next time.

Grinspoon provided an experience I won't soon forget, nor will my aching body. Ave Grinners, keep on rocking.

Photographs below provided by the ever Wonderful Skye Sampson, you can see more of her work using the links at the end of the article.

Do you know how hard it is to photograph the drummer?

Check out Skye's work on her Instagram here!

For your ears:


The Hard Aches

The Gooch Palms


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