Finding Comfort in Chaos with The Max Headroom's Latest Single 'Ode'

I’m not sure why but I seem to value music a whole lot more right now, maybe it’s because music, at least to me is so comforting and so recognizable and right now it seems we all need a bit of that.

Music can be one of the best ways to express yourself as well as comfort yourself during a troubling time, to create a piece of art and then have it shared and cherished by others can be a reward surpassed by few. When in times of great upheaval, like we are in now, many an artist turn to their work to get them through what ails them and those around.

‘Ode’ calls to me as if it is a long lost friend I have been waiting for, and is, of course, the latest single from locals The Max Headroom, a group who always has me anticipating their next release and who have slowly but surely been developing their own unique sound and style, adding something new to each new release. Spontaneous and always unique with their live shows they mix a very loose and casual tone with a well-rehearsed and tight work ethic to bring you some of the most gorgeous music in all of Adelaide and ‘Ode’ is no exception.

Heavier, more grounded and Although Marcus (Keys) Assures me it is meant to be an upbeat song I struggle not to notice the sombre tones the lyrics provide, “Ode is about feeling good in situations that aren’t typically comfortable, like feeling comfortable in chaos” says Ben.

“It’s about going out so often you feel at home when you’re out, and out of place when you’re at home. Never having time for yourself but also never really wanting to take that time either”

The opening line conveying that quite clearly, straight forward, simple yet intense and profound when listening to it.

“Sometimes, I feel at home in places I don’t know”

No Doubt you can clearly hear how this single is quite heavier than their previous work although not on purpose, not being a ‘conscious’ decision Marcus tells me.

“We think our sound is constantly evolving! Our previous 2 releases (Alex’s Disbelief & Ode) are a slight change in direction from Ways Road EP! There’s always going to be drum rolls, gritty vocals and guitar licks involved, we’ll probably keep experimenting but be conscious of not getting too far from our true sound”

‘Ode’ as well as ‘Alex’s Disbelief’ were both recorded back in November with the help of the wonderful Lewis Wundenberg who the lads cannot sing more praise for him if they could. Marcus expressing how much of a blessed opportunity it was to work with him and how with Lewis “(Everyone) felt he gave each song the time and love it deserved and needed”

He Continued “The studio itself is just a Breath-taking place with all the best equipment and everything you could ask for as a musician. But the fact you get someone as driven, hardworking and knowledgeable as Lewis just makes the whole journey a little less painful”

Marcus makes no attempt to hide the fact they will be choosing Lewis to help them with future music projects, a tremendous endorsement for one of Adelaide’s best Sound Engineers

Talking to Marcus, it’s hard not to turn the conversation towards current events but I’ve found it is so important to remain driven and focused, music being a powerful ally to the masses and a friend to all, although it isn’t odd it would be taking it’s toll on people no matter where you are.

“We do think it’s important to keep releasing music at times like these. Music and the music scene are such important parts of people’s lives it is essential to keep it going however we all can during times where things are so difficult for everyone” Marcus says

“I think the lack of time with bandmates along with the current negativity in the world has probably held me back, creatively, a bit over the past few weeks. But maybe the timing is just a coincidence, sometimes as I’m sure you know yourself; it just won’t happen!”

I appreciate artists like The Max Headroom who continue to release music right now, I appreciate that when in such uncertainty now I can still turn on some beautiful and incredible music that genuinely makes me happy. The Max Headroom have chosen to evolve and grow from their previous sound in this piece, echoing the change within the world and all of us right now

‘Ode’ is work of art that was released during a terrible time from a group of individuals that know the importance of creativity and sharing that with those around you, I value ‘Ode’ not just for the way it makes me feel when I listen to it but the fact that it is even there in the first place, that we’re still able to enjoy something so simple yet direly needed.

Words by Jordan

Photos Provided by The Max Headroom

Thumbnail Photo from Robson Girl Photography

Listen to 'Ode' below and keep up on everything they do on their socials The Max Headroom


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