A Letter from the Editor

Music to me is ultimately about connection; connection between the audience and the artist, connection between friends, between ourselves and the surrounding world, and connection to transcendence. This idea is very important to me, and so I knew that I wanted this project – The Australian Underground – to be a medium that would be able to best express and explore this concept.

Today we launch a new website design – embracing a minimalist colour palette and layout. We want the stories we share to ultimately speak for themselves. The internet is a place of constant stimulation and sensory overload, so by stripping back the way we present our stories, we hope to fully capture your attention for a few minutes, whether it be in a video, a series of photos, or an article.

Illustration by Tyler Morris

The way we consume media is so different to how the music world used to work, in the days where music was much less accessible and we relied on critics for news. Now, bands can promote their own work easily, anyone can write a review and the role of the critic is (arguably) dead. I'm interested in moving away from traditional media formats like reviews, and into articles that are more story-oriented, about actual people sharing their experiences with music, analysis, and curation rather than critique. At the end of the day, we're a bunch of amateur writers; I just want to contribute however I can to a growing movement of change in the dynamic between music and media, and to focus on meaningful collaborations.

We are also very excited to announce the launch of two upcoming projects. The first is a physical zine – while our primary presence is online, there’s something wonderful about the tactility that comes with being able to hold stories and art in your hands. Under the artistic direction of Tiah Bullock, we hope this zine will serve as a means to explore youth and underground culture surrounding the local music scene.

Secondly, Jordan Douglas-Fauth along with Otto will be hosting a podcast focused on discussions with industry professionals and leaders about the inner workings of the music scene, musings on creating content and building platforms, the growing necessity for collaborations and much more. Please stay tuned for more details on these, we’re extremely excited to share with you what we’ve been working on.

Our aim at The Australian Underground is to create a community of musicians, creatives and their audience. Our focus is, and will always be on sharing local music.

So please, have a look around the new site and let us know what you think! Thank you to everyone who engages with us. We are extremely grateful, and are looking forward to building our skills and sharing a more diverse array of music and artists with you all!

- Thea Martin, Editor of TAU


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