A Night of Psych with Sunfruits

Sunfruits at The Chippo Hotel (Sydney) Friday 21st Feb 2020

Words by Zoe Sounness

My first encounter with Sunfruits was October last year when I was visiting Melbourne. I was going through the 7” singles in a record shop and came across their split single with the band Noodle House and ended up not listening to it until I had returned home to Sydney. Upon first hearing their debut single All I Want, I could see how they could easily be mistaken for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Babe Rainbow’s musical love child. After being lucky enough to catch the end of their Certified Organic EP Launch Tour in Sydney, it's clear to see why Sunfruits are one to be watching in 2020.

Photo of Sunfruits by Ivy Rose

The Sydney show of Sunfruits’ Certified Organic EP Tour was a busy night, as there were four bands ready to play for the massive crowd that had gathered in the underground room of the Chippo. The first band of the show, The Sweetharps, kicked off the night with their super mellow, dream-poppy set. About halfway through their performance, vocalist/guitarist Ella and vocalist/guitarist Isaac stripped it back and executed a perfectly gentle, guitar-only song which was expertly contrasted with the smooth bass and drums that they used so well in the other portion of their set.

The Sweetharps were followed by Cosmic Flanders, a psychedelic bunch of Sydney-siders. Their performance consisted of super trippy and drippy riffs, combining the often simplicity of garage rock with the complex sound that psychedelic rock often produces. During their set, they played their newest release, Harry, which debuted late 2019. The boys from Cosmic Flanders were a perfect addition to the lineup for the show.

Close friends of Sunfruits, Noodle House were next to go on, and it was soon evident that Cosmic Flanders had set the tone for remainder of the night. Noodle House’s set was dripping with a 70s-esque, psychedelic sound that completely took over the underground band room. Their latest release, One Day (I’ll See), presents an extremely nostalgic, dreamy melody; one comparable to that of Babe Rainbow’s song, Planet Junior, or Mac Demarco’s 2015 album, Another One. With a bassist, a drummer, two guitarists and an egg shaker, Noodle House were able to capture and maintain the attention of the entire crowd impressively.

Photo of Sunfruits by Patrick Smith

Last but definitely not least, Sunfruits performed their set which was the perfect mixture of old and new releases. Kicking off their performance with a few new ones from their Debut EP Certified Organic, many of those in the crowd seemed to dive into a complete trance, entirely allowing the warm, melty guitar riffs to wash over them. Midway through their set, they played crowd-favourite All I Want, which sounded equally, if not better, than how it sounds on their 7” single. Their stage presence was alluring, whilst still managing to keep a great level of interaction and banter with the crowd. Their single Sunfruits is the most thoughtful mix of 60s/70s psych and a song you’d hear from Play School, but in the best way imaginable. As a band, they should be commended on the way they’ve managed to channel 60s/70s psychedelic nostalgia, without sounding overdone or too familiar. Overall, it was the perfect end to a psych-filled night and it’s safe to say that everyone else in the crowd enjoyed these bands just as much as I did.

You can stream Sunfruits’ new EP here or can pick up a vinyl copy of it here.


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