CyberGrom2019 Live From Twitch!

It's cold and lonely out there traveller, why not stop by Grom Station 13 for CYBERGROM2019!, I heard it's the best social station within Five million lightyears! Or atleast, that's what this drunk guy with a FIDLAR hat said to me..

If you've been living under a rock, or similarly, living interstate, You probably havent heard of Adelaide's signature punk filled, one night stand house party. The Grom House..

With a truly out of this world theme this year, The Grom House is back with CYBERGROM 2019. If you haven't heard about it lucky I am Here to tell you!. If you didnt know, The Grom House is a small suburban dwelling located to the west of Adelaide city, Once Every few months they put on the best damn house party you have ever seen. Inviting in a slew of local artists as well as insterstate favs, they bring the full energy of youth and punk into one house.

Previously featured acts include JD Gunslinger, Wolf and Chain and Pemberton (The Latter of which we chatted to in our 2nd Episode of Tasty Tunes which you can watch here!) On the upcoming show, jumping in are Nocturnal_Animals, The Max Headroom and a secret TBA act.

I chatted to Rhyce Frittum, one of the organizers behind The Grom House to ask how it all got started.

"It started as just another place my friends and I could party hardy and I enjoyed seeing my different friens groups mixing and having fun together, I really got a kick out of witnessing and hearing about the chaos that happened, then one of my friends invited me to see a band called 'Baja Bleeders', I became good mates with them and they asked if they could play at the next party, I thought that would be cool as hell so they played the next three, one of which they played for about five hours with occasional breaks for bongs and drinks. After those parties and how much people enjoyed it I tried getting other bands to play (oh Baja only stopped at five hours because my girlfriend begged them to, I was too drunk to remember what they we doing but there was some really bad blink182 covers at one point)"

"After Bajas first few shows a band called the Saint Morris Sinners (who just did a euro tour and are getting a 'greatest hits' recording) were doing a funds raiser for their second album pressing and if you donated $400 they'd play at your house, so a bunch of friends and I got the money together and got them to play. After that I was pretty hooked on managing a big party and having bands play. I loved people coming to me and saying "dude that band was great what are they called??" and then seeing that person at the bands next show"

As well as featuring some amazing acts on the upcoming event, the crew behind The Grom House will also be livestreaming the event to Twitch using the Unlimited power of the internet! For 0$ you can enjoy the madness that is a Cyber House party, Five million Lightyears away using your own Computer/mobile device.

Check out the top quality, Out of this world Trailer the crew just dropped for the event below!

CYBERGROM 2019 can be viewed and enjoyed from Twitchtv using the link below. Although the stream is free, donations are always encouraged and appreciated. Remember, for every $100 donated. One person is dunked in rum and shot off into space!

The Grom House will be streaming its next party live at on the 31st of August from 9:30pm (ACST)!


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