Exploring Ramen and Eating Adelaide with Crocodylus - A Photographic Journey

Stephen, Josh and Mikel, also known as the Motivational garage-rockers Crocodylus have been on my list to meet for a while now, capturing my interest by writing dance fever inducing songs like 'Sweaty Already' and 'My Love' that comes with a very raw and wild sound that even when listening to while writing this, its hard to not get up and thrash about to.

Please do not mistake this for being 'unrefined' though, Crocodylus have quite a deep grasp and understanding of their music, evident in the nearly 1000+ hours of gigging time they have accrued under their belts. These blokes are no Daytrippers, having explained to me the career mentality they take to music; playing as often and as regularly as they could toward the beginning as soon as they could, and it shows.

Clearly, these lads rarely stop, so of course, they were back here in Adelaide once again, playing at The Jade and being supported by The Weathered Heads and Baby Candy, two Adelaide based bands we do recommend you check out after this. Now we didn't want Crocodylus getting stuck in their hotel room with nothing to do so we took it upon ourselves to be their official tour guides and went for a little wander with them around our beautiful city, Exploring local Ramen eateries as well as enjoying the extravagance of Adelaide's Fringe Festival with The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

I should admit that this pretty much just turned into me hanging out with one of my favourite bands eating Ramen and drinking overpriced beer which ain't a half-bad way to spend the day. I brought my lovely friends Marty Lee and Brooke Sarah along to capture the whole thing so we could turn this into some at least a little productive haha, you can see more of their work through the links below.

Shobosho. Hutt Street.

Lack of Vegetarian options, Good Beer.

In Transit.

Through the fringe hordes of Rundle Mall.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Over Priced Beer. Offers good places to do an impromptu video interview that will never see the light of day.

Views from a dumpling.

Thank you to Marty and Brooke for accompanying me on what essentially became kick ons with Crocodylus. Big love to Josh, Mikel and Stephen for taking the time to see us and for making INCREDIBLE music which you can find through the links below and some extra love to Jess for setting this up. Later xo

Important Stuff.

Some of my Favs:

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