(Live Review) Private Function Meet The Grom House

I had heard of Private Function's exploits before, I had also heard of what went down at The Grom House but there was no way I was ready for what would happen when they met, this is that story..

The weather rarely works in our favour in this country, Saturday night was no exception. We arrived to the little suburban Glenelg home that is known as The Grom House at around 8:30. The plan was to have the bands play outside on a stage with lights and all, that didn't last too long, almost as soon as we rocked up manic panic had set in and every punter and band member was employed to move all the instruments, electronics and equipment into the lounge room inside, the gods had decided tonight would be an inside show. Because of this hiccup the first band, Nocturnal Animals, didnt kick off until 9:30, but kick off they sure did. A bit of banter during soundcheck let everyone know things were about to start.

I found myself a nice spot between the ever growing throng of attendees making their way into the little suburban living room and let Nocturnal Animals reel me in. Their 6 song set started with 'Seperation Anxiety' which I found to be the perfect jam to get the mood going. They continued on with 'LHW' 'Cold & Blue' 'Articuno Makes Waves' and 'Rocket Girls'. Towards the end of their set we could physically feel the humidity rising and we got a quick dose of what the night was going to turn into. The lads ended their set with a cover of everyones favourite 'Gina Works at Hearts' by Dz Deathrays. A perfect prelude to the rest of the night.

Did I mention that throughout their whole set all the members would periodically switch roles and change instruments after and during songs, purely adding to the already unfolding chaos of the night!

After Nocturnal Animals left the Diy lounge room stage there was a quick intermission until we were graced by 5 piece Alt rock/Psych/Surf/Pub band The Max Headroom, and yes the myriad of different descriptors for this band doesn't do them justice. The front man Ben reminding me of a young Anthony Kiedis with his control and presence of the stage. I was able to get a 'Front Row' which allowed me to see the emotion and energy in Ben's Face as they bursted in their first song 'Aberdeen' this was followed by 'Bad Dream' and 'Alex's Disbelief'. Their 2nd to last song was a cover of Adelaide legends Bad Dreems' 'Cuffed & Collared' which elicited a heavy response from everyone in the room including myself. After this stellar cover they launched into their final song 'Working' their latest single which was released back in February, it left a very lasting impression on myself and the rest of the crowd, definitely a band I will be keeping an eye on in the future.

As previously stated I was not ready for The Melbourne Punk outfit known as Private Function, I somehow started on one end of the room and ended up on the complete other side through no direct input on my part, It was another of those times when I flowed with the tide of the Mosh, and the tide most definitely kicked up when Private Function's lead singer immediately started to throw his 5'4 body into the crowd at every given chance.

They launched into a couple covers including Midnight Oil's 'King Of the Mountain', a song that is already an absolute banger but combined with PF's punk energy, it became a house Hold favourite (Get it). I was somewhere in the middle of the crowd at this point.

After this they started playing one of their latest songs of their new album 'St Anger' (Yes they know) The song they chose was 'White lady funerals' the lead singer stating he didnt know they had that funeral service outside of Melbourne until he saw one in Adelaide on the drive in.

They later delved into one their most controversial yet inherently punk songs, 'I wish Australia Had It's guns again, an ode to a simpler time when we could just shoot the people we didnt like. This is where things started to get a little crazy and the punk energy of Private Function really took over the house.

They ended their set around 12:00 Pm when local council rules dictate loud music ceases to exist, this wasn't before they almost tore the place apart, the mic lead being short of length every time front man Chris dived into the crowd he almost kept pulling the entire PA system with him. Organiser Rhyce Frittum trying his best to keep the speakers from crashing down on everyone, holding them up with his entire body weight by the end of PF's set. After the lads finished their set they recieved a rousing applause from everyone in attendance and (At least in my eyes) will be one of my all time favourite gigs I have been to, Private function leaving an exhausted yet satisfying taste in my mouth.

The Grom House put on these events a few times every year, their next one being a halloween themed night. If you want to keep up to date on all their happening plus watch upcoming live streams and past ones (Including Private Function's set) you can head over to their Facebook page for all the details here!

Check out Private Function Here, The Max Headroom Here and Nocturnal Animals Here.

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