(Live Review) Raave Tapes @ Rocket Bar August 30th

The Rocket Bar on Adelaide's premier Hindley street is without a doubt one of my favourite destinations to head to for a night out, combining the best of the club and gig scenes, it has always been a place that I feel welcome and comfortable to be at, the band room always packed and pumping and the upstairs 'Smokers area' always over flowing with drunk blonde girls ready to chat to you about all things existential in life.

But it wasn't the over-friendly Blonde ladies that I was here for, oh no no no, I was here for Newcastle 'Dance-Punk' Band Raave Tapes

Raave Tapes have been an act I have been following for a while and an act that has grown a considerable following during the time I have been keeping them on my radar. Given significant radio play from a myriad of different stations, including our own Radio Adelaide after the 2017 release of their singles '2U XOXO' and 'K Bye', the latter of which being turned into a 'Saddle Club Parody' music video, racking up over 200,000 + views across all their socials.

The Band were here in Adelaide as part of their 'Dancing because i'm Sad' Tour in support of their latest single by the same name. The single, in the bands own words, "is an ode to shirking responsibility and indulgent self-sabotage, the track explores one of society's destructive ways of dealing with personal issues, by completely ignoring them and going off the rails for the evening"

This comes after previous popular singles 'stabs' and 'SUDS' which went in the same vein as the latest installment. Creating an electronic and punk infusion that gets you dancing while also banging and thrashing you head around.

In the more 'Thrashy' Songs, Raave Tapes do give me a Crystal Castles vibe if that Canadian band is known to any of you reading this. (Listen to them after you've listened to Raave Tape's latest single here!)

Rocking up just in time to see the 3 piece take the stage I rushed to grab a spot right next to the stage and what came next (Unlike my Father) Did not dissapoint, Blasting into all my favourites including 'K Bye', the song that originally got me into Raave Tapes, as well as new singles including "Stabs' and 'Dancing because im sad' (Their latest single). Although they were a few shows deep into the tour they exuded energy and passion that would make you think they're paying a home town show in Newcastle while also retaining a cool and calm demeanour.

After their set I managed to catch up with the band in the green room and pestered them a little about their show just like the eager fanboy that I am. The band were all abosolute sweet hearts and put up with my shows of affection toward their music. Raave Tapes are just one of those bands that clearly have time for their fans and the people that enjoy their music and for that they will be remaining as one of my favourite acts.

You can listen to their new Ep right Here!

Big love to the crew at Cats for having myself and Marty along and big shout out to the drunk blonde and her Mortalled boyfriend upstairs. I wish you two the best of luck.

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