(Live Review) Wavevom with Viral Eyes and Scab Baby 27/09/2019

Written by Zoë Sounness

All photos by Zoë Sounness

Only weeks after attending the annual King Street crawl, I came back to the Botany View Hotel at the quieter end of Newtown. I was keen to see some friends, have some beers and hear some bands I love. Arriving at the venue just as the first band was about to start, I knew I was in for a great show.

Viral Eye’s performance set the tone for the rest of the night and the two bands that would follow. The fast paced, intense, psych sound that they had created the moment they began their set was just as strong right through until they set down their instruments. Everyone in the room could feel Josh’s drumming echoing in their chests as Sarah and Odin alternated turns in singing, transforming their set into a really great mix of different vocals. Playing crowd favourites ‘Vicious’ and ‘Distinctive Colouring’ got everyone excited as both songs are a perfect taste of the band if you are unfamiliar with them. Regardless of not being able to do soundcheck because of the Friday night footy being on at the bar, their performance was flawless and they were definitely the perfect opening band for what would continue to be an amazing show. If you haven’t already, check out their music here!

The second band of the night was Scab Baby, a psychedelic punk two-piece from Wollongong. They were one of the few bands left on the list of acts I had yet to hear live, so I was stoked when I found out they were opening for Wavevom. Both Tom and Tom carried the vibe that Viral Eyes had kicked off at the beginning of the show, instantly captivating the crowd with their amazing stage presence. Despite being only a two-piece, they could have easily been mistaken for a band with four or five members.

Their set consisted of a few handpicked songs from their self-titled EP and most recent album (II). My personal favourite from II, ‘She seems to be’ was added to their set upon request, which just goes to show that as a band they sincerely want their audience to have a fun, memorable time. I was blown away by their ability to come together so perfectly in synchronicity with each other and everyone in the room could see the genuine connection they have as friends. The two Toms are heading to Melbourne in late October so if you get a chance, go down and let them melt your brain through music (in the best way possible). Check them out Here!

So far on their Charge Up Tour, Wavevom have performed at a few different venues in Victoria and had now returned to Sydney once again for the middle leg of the tour before heading to Queensland in a few weeks. I had seen Wavevom as a two piece once before in late 2018 at a bar in Newcastle. Seeing them this time as a five piece allowed them to create a huge sound, shaking the walls of the small Newtown bar. With Odin and Josh from Viral Eyes returning to the stage as members of Wavevom, it was great to see how genuinely close and supportive everyone was of each other, both as bands and as mates. They created an engaging and charismatic atmosphere as they all joked around with each other on stage, and it was amazing to see just how much they honestly enjoy doing what they do. Their set included some of their greatest releases, ‘Goon King’, ‘Colourblind’ and one of their most popular songs, ‘Durries R Good 4 U”, all of which maintained and proceeded the captivating performance and stage presence that had been produced by Viral Eyes and Scab Baby.

Towards the end of their performance, they invited all members of the crowd to join them on stage for their final few songs, which was the perfect end to a great show from all three bands that had performed. Wavevom are ending their Charge Up Tour in Queensland in mid October (10th ofOctober at Vinnie’s and 12th of October at Heya Bar) and I couldn’t possibly suggest a better band to see than this one, so do yourself a favour and catch them at a show or check out their music Here!

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