Beyond Blue Fundraiser - Meet The Bands

Words by Jordan

As you probably know, I have a big love for the local scene but not many of you will know that I have a big passion for advocating more mental health awareness in our day to day because although the stigma around talking about it is lifting, more and more people are feeling the effects of mental illness in this ever-complicated day and age we live in. So I do hope we would be able to put gigs like this on more often, so in Today's piece, I would like to give you all a little introduction to the bands that will be playing at December's show.

I may be a little biased but I do believe these are some of the most underrated bands currently making it on the circuit, with explosive live sets and passion in their lyrics these are the five bands playing for you at (This years??) Charity Choons on the 5th.

OHKO was born as a vehicle for the angsty, power-pop ballads of lead singer, Jon OHKO. After jamming in mid-2018 with fellow music boy and drummer Zak OHKO, these ballads were fleshed out beyond the casual busking tune or front bar original. With unique flavours brought in by Braden OHKO (bass) and Keelan OHKO (guitar), their sound and image slowly solidified to the band they are today. Poppy, alternative and extremely high energy, OHKO are "okay". Their long-awaited debut single "Scuba Divers", a fast-paced, beach-rock summer anthem (about exactly what you think it's about) drops soon.

Already receiving fresh features in outlets such as Happy Mag and hitting regular shows at

Crown and Anchor in Adelaide, Adelaide Hill's lads Stray Charley are quickly making a name for themselves withing the local scene, their sound reminiscent of DMA's but showing they can go their own way by incorporating more Australiana rock vibes. Currently, in the process of recording new material, they will definitely have surprisingly fleshed out show for you all showing you these lads have a clear focus for what they do

I first saw The Max Headroom perform when they opened for Melbourne Punk band Private Function at the world-famous Grom House party! (Click here if you want to know about that) Their set included a few tricks and a lot of energy, Switching instruments and the like during their show, making for a very fresh and lively set but also showing that the members are quite talented with multi-instrumental playing. Although Ben (Their frontman) stayed mostly firmly on the mic where I do think he belonged as it was his roaring vocals and charismatic standing that helped make their set quite unique and memorable in my eyes.

Hot of the release of their latest single 'Transmit' which has already become a little local favourite, receiving a good amount of streams online and also receiving a huge response from the people in attendance at their launch show for the track, I am of course Talking about Indie-Britpop outfit Choosing Sides, who, since really getting going last year have been slowly cementing themselves in the Adelaide scene while also trying to get out into the wider Australian scene with recent interstate shows in Melbourne and similar godless places, we've covered them quite a bit recently and we filmed an interview with two of the members recently that should give you an insight into the former UK citizens.

Choosing Sides will be the Co-Headliner for our show though as we have ourselves a cheeky little secret headliner for you. Also, a prominent Adelaide band that is starting to make a fairly good name for themselves out in the scene, they also have had new music and wonderful live shows happening recently BUT, alas it is secret and I can't tell you much more but damn, I am thirsty.

We and I, hope to see you all there because as I said, This would be nice to have as a regular event to help continue to raise some awareness for mental illness in Australia, especially in the music and arts industry as we all know this can be a stressful place to be.

Charity Choons - Beyond Blue Fundraiser

December 5th

Chateau Apollo

Door Entry $12

Doors at 8

Event here >

We will have a video interview with Will and Frankie from Choosing Sides dropping this week so stay tuned by subscribing to our youtube here!

For your ears:

Stray Charley

The Max Headroom

Choosing Sides


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